England Football Squad for the Upcoming qualifiers

England Football Squad for the Upcoming qualifiers


Not that anyone really gives a stuff





Wot no Nathan Redmond!?!


Coz he’s been shit recently?


4 posts in 7 hours … if only England games were as action packed :lou_smiley:


Ryan Bertran greets his call up with a bore shrug as usual.


He does look miserable most of the time these days tbf


I don’t think I would be excited about being called up to support England. I would probably decline to be fair.


He is pining for a song about his 24" cock.


Nor me … after the thrills’n’spills of the prem, it must be a right fuckin’ chore, especially for Fraser who doesn’t even get to play. I suspect Nathan Redmonds recent poor showing is a ploy to ensure he doesn’t get picked for the Lionless’s again !!