Anyone looking forward to tonight Big Match? I fkn love watch England! I like watching them cunts plodding around the field with that constipated fkn expression on their dumb fkn faces, staring dimly down at their feet like they’ve never fkn seen them before, trying to play tika-taka round the centrebacks till Cahill fkn panics, passes it back to Joe Hart, who hoofs it out of play. I fkn love it!

Tonight’s game should be a fkn classic! I’m hearing we’re gonna field a central midfield partnership of Eric Dier & Jake Livermore , vs fkn Germany away ffs. Can’t fkn wait! Cum On England!



Bearsy that actually sounds a lot better than the usual England performance. #feelingexcitednowthankstobearsy


Oh, is there a game on? Didn’t realise.

Bearsy, can you give us a running commentary - it’ll be more entertaining than actually having to watch it

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I tried that before, but I got a lot of heat off of frbl, I think it was. He found my live commentary “non-reliable”.


Here, see for Yourself!


You SMASHED it Bearsy, just like JWP did on the night.



After reading that, i’m with @cobham-saint a running commentary is a must.


I’ve just had multiple upvotisms.

Bear and Furball should be a TV detective show.

I am looking forward to it Bearsy. The game against Germany is always a bit special, Be nice if JWP and Redmond were to get a game too.

8 Saints or ex Saints in the squad tonight. Bertrand gets a game.

Germany v England … pah just a distraction from the real battle of the giants as Scotland and Canada lock horns

** ** so that’ll be him out injured for the next six weeks :lou_facepalm_2:

Vardy, Ali and Lallana all playing … what’s not to like


@bearsy after reading your last commentary i have put a bet on JWP first goal and 0-1 score. Got 100/1. A bit shit, when you consider England are useless and he’s not playing.

Was going to watch, but if JWP and Redmond aren’t starting, i can’t be bothered. Let me know if they come on. Maybe turn the TV on then.

I genuinely don’t know who Jake Livermore plays for. That’s how shit this England team is.

Outplaying Germany so far!

Nivea boy hits the post!

…and the Knuckleheads sing ‘German bombers’… #fucknumbtycunts

Engerland doing OK, against German B team who are playing average/poor as they seem to in friendlies…

ITV 'tator only lasted about 30 seconds before coming in his pants and mentioning '66…

Ward Prowse, Redmond?

We won’t score until at least one of them play.

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