England FC - Euro 2016 Build Up and Friendlies

This has been a little underplayed in the media ?

anybody got a clue what the team will be and why is it being played at the Ethihad instead of Wembley.

Because Wembley has to recover from yesterday and the play-off finals are upcoming?

Will not really tell us much really. Silly time to have a game a day after the cup final.

I’m looking forward to seeing that quality player Jack Wilshire picking up a niggling injury in an England shirt again.

That prick’ll probably pull his voice box during the anthem.

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Kane puts us 1-0 up. Offside mind.

Probably the worst England kit I can remember. Hideous.


Ah the England we’ve all come to know and love…

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Feel sorry for Hodgson sometimes. It must be weird to go through life thinking that Rose is better than Bertrand.

He’s not the only one. I’ve yet to hear any pundit, commentator or journalist say Bertrand should be first choice. It’s bizarre, not only is he simply a better full back, he’s also shown himself to be versatile enough to play CB pretty well as well.

Sterling is fucking useless.

WTF is Henderson doing eating a chewy refresher sweet whilst waiting to come on? Fuck me, he might as well have a conker on him as well.

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grow up, Henderson. Grow the fuck up.

Vardy is quality at buying penalties. Unfortunately Kane is warming up for those tournament shoot outs.

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Be fair…it is a Curly Wurly!

Here you go Raheem. I think you’ll be needing this:


Headline: Vardy Bails Out Hapless Hodson.

Anyone think of any more?

Woy Has No Chance at Euwoes

Alternative from the North London Gazette: Kane Bails Out Hodson’s Heroes.