England Euro Squad announcement

Initial 26 man squad announced:

No real shocks there.


and fucking Wiltshire - jesus he will get injured in the first game

We also seem to be a CB light.


Dam I missed lallana birthday! Shame!

Delph is clearly a back up. Can’t see him making the 23 man squad. Woy has pretty much already said Rashford won’t be going.

Can’t really decide who else will get the axe. Can’t be a GK, and it would seem odd to cut a defender, leaving only 6. I guess Dier would be seen as an extra defender?

Don’t agree with Townsend, Wiltshire or Delph… Oh and Smalling is shite. How does he get so many caps, oh hold on, he plays for Man U.


Well done Fraser and Ryan. Chuffed for them both.

The liverpool wank fest continues

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Rashford born 1997… God I feel old. He was born after Euro 96!

Bertrand should be nailed on left back, in my honest and impartial opinion.


Yup, I would love an England Manager who had the balls to play a team from other clubs. Prime example was SRL . Against the backdrop of disinterested prima donnas he was desparate to play for his country . INternational used to be the pinnacle of football, for all sorts of reasons it feels like a side show now


“He’s not had regular games,” says Roy Hodgson on decision to omit Walcott from Euro squad

Yet he still picks Wilshere

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BPL goals & assists:

| Antonio | 15 |
| Lallana | 10 |
| Sterling | 9 |
| Rashford | 6 |
| Townsend | 6 |

The one player Roy didn’t pick.


Think that’s a tad harsh on Smalling, he’s improved massively the past couple of seasons. Probably first choice CB now. Granted, he isn’t up to the level we have come to expect in recent years. Not really sure who you would pick ahead of him.

I’m not Townsend’s biggest fan by any means, by he has been red hot lately. Everything he touches seeems to be coming off. Again, not really sure who would have been a better pick. Plus, he has performed for Woy before. Not remotely surprising.

Delph is there as a back up.

We’ve got some decent prospects coming through, but still not a great deal of depth. There’s not really many people I think she be in that squad that aren’t.

Those that have missed out are probably marginal. Noble? I dunno, he’s played more this year but is he better than Dier, Wilshere, Alli, Barkley? I’d say no. Probably on a par(ish) with Drinkwater, who has helped propel his team to the title.

Cresswell? Again, probably isn’t miles better than Rose or Bertrand. Both of whom have some international experience.

Carroll? Defoe? Both in form, arguments to be made for both I guess. But neither have really shone for England in the past, and would have taken a monumental effort to dislodge Kane/Vardy/Sturridge & Rooney is the captain. Of course he’s going.

Ha I forgot about Antonio tbh.

Remember the derision aimied at anyone that suggest he might be a player, over there?

Must admit, I didn’t think he’d come on the way he has done. Fair play to him, he’s been pretty effective this season. Particularly the second half.

Smalling is nailed on to give penalties away.

Starting line up of:


Walker Cahill Smalling Rose

Dier Alli Henderson

Lallana Rooney Kane

Feel Bertrand may get a chance but we look dodgy defensively.


Rooney gives the ball away following a poor touch

Townsend dribbles head-down for 10 yards, and shoots over

Smalling concedes a penalty

Joe Hart fucks up, and points accusingly at Cahill

Walker and Rose caught out of position

Wilshere goes down injured

Henderson & Milner do nothing of note

Alli sent off.


We are going to be very pissed for the initial group stage.


I don’t think Bertrand will get a game, because Roy can be a bit of a bellend at times. He says he won’t pick players based on form (which is stupid in itself) and then picks Rashford. So, he’ll pick form players if they play for a big club.

Delph won’t make the cut but shouldn’t even be in the 26. Only there as he plays for City.

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Then we will be out, so will be a laugh for 3 games.

Jeez, Sky have had their crack ‘experts’ squad going over the whole squad in great detail for over an our now! Is this what we have to put up with until the end of the first week of the tournement?

My god, roll on August!!

Fuck I retired before then. :lou_facepalm_2:

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