🏏 :engerland: England Cricket 2021

We can look forward to going down the road next summer to see… Oh?

Oh dear, what has Bransgrove done to upset the ECB this time??

Hants have said that we are getting at least one T20i v Sri Lanka. Small beer I know

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Good start to the Sri Lankan tour

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Better news I guess

8 overs gone after lunch



Ball spinning & spitting like mad.

Great start by England Broad has 3 wickets Leach just got his 1st since 2019!

When you said 83-5 I assumed England were batting first…

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105 for 6 after drimks break

Shanaka sweeps. Bairstow jump/ducks at short leg
Ball hits his foot, then his arse, Buttler takes the catch

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That worked then :nerd_face:

Another for Bess.
Horrid hoik 2and ball.
Bumble moaning about putting bins & dog out while WFH

Straight drive Leach gets a finger trying to stop the ball & it hits the stumps.
Non striker a good yard or two out!

135 all out
5 fer for Bess
Not even halfway through day 1.
Some horrid shots
Previous lowest 1st Innings score at Galle was 181

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Huge shout for LBW against Sibley. Given not out.
Crawley runs, both at same end.
Fielder on ground fluffy the throw throws on second attempt.
Fielder at stumps for run out is knocked out the way by another fielder, fluffed hitting stumps. Does hit stumps on 2nd attempt but Crawley has got back.
Buster Keaton movie stuff

8-0 2.2 overs

England 17-2

Crawley not judging the pace of the ball properly and spoons an easy catch. Will they make 100, will the match last more than a day…

52 - 2 Root and Bairstow bringing about a bit of a recovery.

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