End of season beers / party / whatever - part two


Further to last night’s discussion, any one fancy a train to Winchester and pub crawl on this weekend?:





Do they do a Shirt Fair? (asking for a friend)




Count me in - subject to the dress code

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That looks fucking brilliant.

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Currently free that weekend. This could be a go-er!

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I too believe I am about that weekend, I will try and get a night pass.


Scratch that, I am doing that sponsored bike ride on the 2nd July, my body will be a temple for the week beforehand.


Is this you volunteering to be our driver/shepherd/lawyer for the event?


I’d like to do a piss up in London to celebrate @intiniki 's birthday in August. Shall we make this a trilogy? Or should Nik’s birthday be the season opener? First couple of weeks of Aug will do.

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Is this still happening ?

Quite tempted if I’m not working … as long as it’s lager drinker friendly and GB’s van’s not involved

… what’s the plan ?


Red trousers and jumpers on the shoulders at the ready…

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lol, you crack me up sometimes Baz :lou_lol:



I’ll be in Winchester getting pissed that day, same as every day.


I feel we need an elaborate plan such as meet in certain pub at certain time, start drinking, see what happens. Who is in?


Yay! Count me in, Goatster! No shortage of decent boozers in Winchester, so a starting point won’t be hard to find.

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Any suggestions for first pub? Maybe we could have a few meeting points along the way for stragglers?

pub map here.


The Hyde Tavern’s a brilliant pub - might be a bit out of the way though. Not sure how well it would provide for @steveintheforest either.

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Maybe the lager meeting point could be the 'Spoons in Jewry Street? :lou_wink_2: