Get on it! :beers: Just over a week to prepare for one of the biggest pre-match drinkies in Sotonians history. Hitting it early on Sunday? Starting on Saturday? Sinking one at the first London pub you find and not moving until kick off?

Endless choices, so where do you discerning, classy, bunch suggest we grace with our presence?

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At least 8 hours ahead of you at the starting time :lou_smiley:

What time is kick off

For beers and the actual game :lou_is_a_flirt:

Kick off is 430. I am starting tomorrow. Off to Marrakech for the warm up then London next Saturday :lou_lol:


Will be watching locally… @cobham-saint , are you around?

Thanks to South West Trains and their engineering works I don’t think I will be drinking.

It will either be the National Express (on which you can’t drink) or I will be driving.

Do National Express breath test you before the trip home?

@bucks yeah, didn’t make myself clear I guess. If I was on the train I’d be having a few tinnies on the way up. Can’t leave too early due to the Mrs working in the morning, so would have to be a swift few before the match.

Don’t even know where the pubs in London for Wembley are as I have never drunk in London before a Wembley visit :lou_eyes_to_sky:

That is 00:30 on Sunday morning for me :lou_sad:

How do they expect me to be sober and awake to watch the whole match.

Option 1 go on the piss and then have an early sleep and alarm clock for midnight

Option 2 go on piss and try to stay awake

Option 3 lay off the beer but start when the game kicks off and keep going until everybody else wakes up next morning after we have won.

Option 4 as Option 3 but consolation beers if the f’in Manc’s win.

Buck’s please put these options in a poll so I know what to do :lou_lol:

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Early on Sunday I think - smart thing would be to get to Waterloo late morning, have a few round there and make our way over to the Wembley vicinity

Waterloo will be packed - annoyingly there’s a six nations game at Twickenham too

IMO somewhere not too far from Wembley, and definitely away from Waterloo, might be better. Kilburn for example. Not that I know Kilburn boozers!

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I’ll ask the Man U fans at work if they’ve got any recomendations…

Ah, Neasden. Haunt of tight-lipped, ashen-faced Ron Knee (59), one-legged goalkeeper Wally Foot and own-goal maestro ‘Baldy’ Pevsner. Not sure I’d want to encounter the notorious Neasden fans (Sid and Doris Bonkers) though.


Chelsea fan says Baker Street. Also that nearer Wembley they allocate pubs per team

Didn’t someone already post a list of the “official” Saints pubs??

ah, here we go

West Side (Wembley Central): Southampton
Blue Room, Flannery’s Bar, J.J. Moon’s, Masti, Moore Spice (1966), Powerleague, Station 31, The Arch, The Copper Jug, The Corner House, The Fusilier, The Green Man, The Liquor Station, Thirsty Eddie’s

Baker Street & Marylebone was where we met for NOT.

easy to get to Wembley on over or underground

In fact I did post the good pub guide for that area on MY EFL Beers thread…

The problem with Baker St is its very popular and the obvious place for rapid onward travel to Wembley. It will be totally mobbed and will have a police presence to match. Some of the places along the jubilee line are less obvious, but still only 10/15 mins journey to Wembley Park. Also no need to change tube from Waterloo.


Loads near Green Park - one called the Goat Tavern!


Being born just down the road from Wembley, I know plenty of good places nearby.

If only I had a ticket…

@krg_ the @dubai_phil keeps bragging about how many he has, maybe he’d want to give a long time sufferer one.

Good thinking - Shepherd Market is close to Green Park, and there are some pretty decent boozers there if memory serves. Don’t remember the Goat Tavern, but it’s got to be worth a visit!