:efl: EFL Cup 3rd Round - :sheffieldunitedfc: Sheffield United v Saints :saints:

:sheffieldunitedfc: v :saints:

EFL Cup 3rd Round match, :saints: travel to Brammall lane to face former Saint Billy Sharp and his team.

  • :saints: to win in normal time
  • :sheffieldunitedfc: to win in normal time
  • :saints: to win on penalties
  • :sheffieldunitedfc: to win on penalties

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The odds for Saints are not that bad.

This won’t be an easy game. Will be interesting to see how much SU want it, or whether they’re saving themselves for the league: I think they’ll go for it as they’re on an upward curve and will want to keep momentum.

I can see us playing a strong eleven.

What are the odds on Lyanco ‘the Gorilla’ getting sent off on his debut?

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Our 23 year old Brazilian always a possibility

Anyone know if its on tv anywhere ?

It isnt

Bullshit. 4 games are being shown live on some channels tonight. Just not us.

IF there is a stream it MAY be here

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Dodgy AF may not work

Tbh think it is Adam & Jo or Dave?

Two streams here, but neither are live… yet…


1st tour guide outing for the epic merch I got back in July on our 1st cold damp day this year.


What the fuck we are 1-0 down

Fuck. Wake up call

Solent was slow loading had to log out then i and then we are 1-0 down

Not surprised. But then again am stuck on a train trying to get home after obligatory “fun” drinks with my dept. after 1st time everyone was back in the office together since lockdown & having to do it all again tomorrow and next week. Luckily was able to slip away so everyone can enjoy themselves without worrying about their boss bollocking them for being pished.

I’m putting a stop to this “eager to get back in the office shit” - I got absolutely nothing done and neither did the department :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Valery showing why we should have sold him