Education, and how to make Britain great

I have just had an epiphany which could lead to financial succes for Britain.

During all my years at school, I noticed that I was always bored with all that learning shit. I never wanted to do it, so I didn’t. Even when I left school, I couldn’t grasp the notion that two short planks might be any thicker than two long ones. (Still can’t get my head around that one)

The day after I left school, I suddenly found that I actually wanted to start learning stuff just as soon as the opportinity was out of my grasp. To this day I am always seeking new information, new ideas, new ways of thinking so that I can totally abuse this knowledge and use it for evil…So, I am naturally assuming that all kids, even today are the same as I was at school but grow up with a thirst for knowledge

Based on these assumptions here is the simple plan.

At age 5, send all the kids to work. Put them down the mines, stitching training shoes, making Apple iproducts. They don’t want to go to school anyway. Having kids working 100 hours a week for a penny chew and a transformer toy will put us on an economic footing witgh China in about one day flat.

At age 18-60 (depending on individual maturity) Sit them in front of a TV playing the Discovery channel all day long. Holidays can be given during Shark Week…This will make them totes super educated in about 6 weeks.

After education is complete, Britain has a population of totes super educated adults with a strong work ethic, albeit with no knowlege about what sharks are. (just don’t teach them how to swim, problem solved)

OK, Yes, it’s a new plan, so it is a bit rough around the edges and the middle, and the surrounding environment, but what could go wrong?

Edit: Yes, there are spelling errors in this post. We don’t need a spell checker, but a fat finger filter would be nice.

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