Ebay: Small Claims Court Action

Ebay: Small Claims Court Action


So I sold my car on Sunday evening to a member with a 100% (but only 7 feedback) reputation for £750, but I am yet to hear from the buyer after numerous emails.

I am annoyed about this, as I had a buyer ready to put a bid in at the £750 mark, but wouldnt go any higher, and this bid had blocked him. I contacted him yesterday to ask if he wanted the car, and unfortunately he had bought another car.

I am off on holiday this weekend, so don’t have time to relist prior to then, and by the time I get back will have had another tax/insurance payment come out, totalling about £60.

Now, I am not too precious about the money - however, I feel I want to take this guy to the Small Claims Court to get my money.

Anyway, does anyone know anything about this, and whether or not it’s worthwhile? Frankly, I want to make an example of him.


It’s just called making a court claim now. Done it a few times and it’s pretty simple, all online. Link below will help. You can add costs (like the court fee), and what you have just had to pay out on insurance etc. You can even claim a modest sum for your time too.

I assume he offered, you accepted but he has failed to pay. The danger might be that he has nothing and is a total timewaster but if you want to follow through, you can get judgment against him and if he still does not pay, then instruct bailiffs to seize his goods. Note that if you do pursue him, you will have to treat the car as his in the meantime, i.e. don’t sell it elsewhere.

Good luck


Also be aware that eBay are notorious for siding with buyers not sellers.


I guess the question before going down the claim route is whether the agreement to buy is 100% legally binding?

Anyone know? I don’t have a clue about eBay (the legal bit that is)

Take for instance buying a house. Nothing is guaranteed until contracts are exchanged.

Just don’t want you to waste your money if that’s the case @Chertsey-Saint


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