📺📺 Dual monitor system or a widescreen

Thoughts please.

Not for me but a mate is mulling over the pros and cons.

Nearly everything’s widescreen.

Are you asking about dual monitor vs super widescreen?

Yes. He favours the widescreen as his current monitor is 5+ years old and doesn’t have a display port.
Seems like a straightforward choice.

Dual widescreen is the way to go best of both worlds.

Nah, go with 3 screens if you add a laptop. The way forward believe me :+1:

Ultrawide monitor FTW

To be honest it all depends on how he works, dual widescreens will give him more real estate and he can maximise a window on one screen whereas with an ultrawide monitor you have to snap to the edges, but it works (except for remote desktops which I use a lot at work).

We all have 34" Ultrawides at work and I know someone who maximises all the apps, pointless IYAM

Excuse me but that one’s bent. I was going to offer him 3 of these I have in the loft…


You might want to reset the time and date.

They were a victim of the Millennium Bug. :frowning:

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its warming up for @Polski_Filip next stream


Dual wide-screen for sure if he’s techy.

When I went from dual widescreen to ultrawide I wasn’t convinced but after using ultrawide for a while I can’t go back to dual widescreen…


I think he’ll settle for the ultra widescreen as it doesn’t as many cables.

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Sounds like the decision will go down to the wire

Oh FFS, this is what becoming a mod on Stackoverflow has turned you in to?


Nope, just Dad jokes. I only have access to the moderator tools, btw. I am not an elected mod.