🇾🇪 Don't mention Yemen

The media blackout concerning our role in the annhilation of Yemen is scandalous and yet barely regusters as a shock anymore.



Stranegly GB, everyone down here is aware of teh C holera epidemic and fund raising and Red Crescent relief supplies trying to get sent there.

One “issue” is that the worst affected areas are Houthi controlled and you all know who controls them

Would be interesting to see what financial links any of our sitting MPs (or Peers) have with the arms industry.

Does anyone know?

Taking a wrong turn there CS. Nice idea, but a rat hole. Who are the good guys in Yemen and who are the Bad Guys? Remember, the world is completely black and white.

I’ve said this before, we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t as always the innocents suffer, religion hey? It’s just another proxy war between Saudi and Iran, oh did I mention religion?

And many many other nations in the region are involved in this, since when did Saudi Arabia care about democracy?

As is usual, it’s pretty difficult to recognise the goodies from the baddies.

Not sure it’s the biggest concern anymore to the Yemeni civilians having their country used as a battleground by everyone else.

I agree but what can we do about it? Stop dealing with the Saudi’s sure, they religious zealots and mad men but then this gives the Iranians the upper hand? they’re both a shower of cunts.

I suppose the short answer is all of them. MPs pension funds are heavily invested in Arms companies like BAE systems. Despite promising to switch to an ‘ethical investment’ policy when this came to light. They are also hugely invested in Tobacco companies. ‘Children in Need’ and ‘Comic Relief’ also invest heavily in the Arms trade, which is probably even more disturbing. At the last count, in 2015, Children in Need had 97 million stashed away in their investment portfolio instead of giving the money direct to charities. Presumably the main beneficiaries will be the full time employees of these ‘charities’ who no doubt will be on fat salaries. Of course there will also be more than a few MPs and Peers who are directly benefiting from their consultancies etc with the Arms trade. It is a dirty business.

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The first thing we need to do with the Saudi’s is stop selling them our apostrophes.

They don’t need them, and it’s an immoral trade that breaks international law and should be banned.

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Just a point of order and remember that the Youth is are well supplied and armed.

By Iran.

What youth?


I guess it’s autocorrect on Houthi.

Just wanted to big up that Mark Curtis the tweeter in the original post. I’ve been following him on twitter for a while now, but don’t really know who he is. I’ve not read any of his books and only checked out his website for the first time a couple of hours ago but he relentlessly posts really interesting stuff that highlights the dark side of British foreign policy and the main stream media. As an ex fellow of Chatham House, he seems to know his onions.

Has anyone read any of his books? would you recommend them?

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Samsung spell check sorry.


The nightmare of Yemen the suffering and the Aid & Charity appeals DO get coverage here.

Equally casualties are given a Hero’s welcome and we have an extra day Public holiday for Martyrs Day each year.

Yes it is bad but equally Aid agencies are trying to help & rebuild.

Yemen has always been a cluster fuck of a Nation. It was safe enough for me to travel there a few times in the late 90’s. Even then I missed the Euro 98 penalty shoot out due to being arrested on arrival.

Before the “war” it was torn by tribal rivalries and people suffered

Life under the last Iranian backed regime was also brutal.

Let alone the mess of the North/South Cold War divide & they led the insurgency in Oman that was only stopped by a few heroic SAS & Strikemaster Pilots.

But the total lack of coverage in the West is appalling but then"your spin doctors" can’t push the Arab Spring democracy line to justify involvement in a proxy war.

Yemen would get worse if democracy was imposed. It is too fractured and needs time to recover before it can transition

Not read his books, but have been reading his articles for a while(think goat posted something of his last year that made me take notice of him) and going on them, i would have to say yes.

Your own post suggests you don’t need much convincing. Let us know what you think of them.

P. S can you start with Secret Affairs: Britain’s collusion with radical Islam.