Don't Bank On It

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After seeing how some Banks behaved during the last recession, their PPL mis selling, LIBOR fixing and general malpractice, i have come to the conclusion that all banking operations are untrustworthy and administered by avaricious bastards. However, they are a necessary evil and I’m well aware that whatever I can do with my personal and business finances wont even register, but i have moved most over to Nationwide, who are at least still mutual and offer “high street” banking services.

I saw a few people ruined by faceless shitbags who worked for Lloyds, Barclays, RBS and Allied Irish during the recession, suffering lies, deceit and general shitty practice. This sort of behaviour is abhorrent, but not surprising.

Surely, as Scotland is now semi-devolved, we should hand the running of the Bank of Scotland (clue’s in the name) and it’s associated costs back to Holyrood??

Hold on, the British tax payer would stil be paying the burden though wouldn’t they…damn!!

That’s right Bob cause ownership is stated in the name like Southampton FC owned by that Chinese guy from Shirley and British Gas founded by the royal family after an especially sprouty Christmas dinner and nothing to do with Americans at all (except the one he is boning) and Sotonians is run by the people aka the Soviet. This is how the world works.

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