[Done Deal]: Cedric Soares into Southampton!

German born, Portuguese international who is mates with Fonte. Jose said: “I would like to have Cedric as a team-mate at Southampton. He is a great player and our club needs him.”

Transfer market info:

| Name in home country: | Cédric Ricardo Alves Soares |
| Date of birth: | Aug 31, 1991 |
| Place of birth: | Singen Germany |
| Age: | 23 |
| Height: | 1,72 m |
| Nationality: | Portugal
Germany Germany |
| Position: | Defence - Right-Back |
| Foot: | right |
| Player’s agent: | SEG |
| Current club: | Sporting Lisbon |
| In the team since: | Aug 1, 2010 |
| Contract until: | 30.06.2016 |

**EDIT: ** Now confirmed. Four year deal.

OS: http://www.saintsfc.co.uk/news/article/20150618-cedric-soares-portugal-sporting-announcement-signing-2498917.aspx



gr8 opportunity to roll out my brilliant joke again!

“C.Soares gets up and down well. Should prove popular with our younger fans.”

Brilliant joke!


I saw C.Soarses sitting on a see-saw, I saw C.Soarses and he saw me.

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C. Soares Margery Daw,

Clyney shall have a new master;

Clyney shall earn but a penny a day,

Because Cedric is much better.


This is exactly why we need to get the archiving sorted.


Hopefully he will be Cedric the Entertainer.

And our Global Massive will continue its march to World Domination by reaching into the deepest parts of Madagascar.

(That is way funnier than your joke Bear)

What really is depressing is that this little scroat was born after I started work but has already earned more that i could ever hope to

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BTW welcome to Sotonia FC


He was born 2 months after I left school!

Done Deal!

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Lord B-Letch, please change the thread title to delete the echo speculation bit. Cheers.

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I was thinking how nice it is to get some deals done early…Then I realised that next season is not so far away!! Sheesh, the closed seasons are getting shorter all the time!

Great, doing some good signings nice and early.


I’m very pleased with this. The Liverpool Echo seem to be too, obviously thinking it is Clyne time. He did hint that he might stay at Southampton, saying that we were “pushing up”. Could he conceivably still be in a Saints shirt at the end of the transfer window?

Thread title updated. Tagged up, and all.

I reckon it’s conceivable. I dunno how likely it is though. Clyne has certainly not been making any noises about leaving that anyone wouldn’t say during normal contract negotiations. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that he stays.

Cheers Pap - can you also mark this down as another Tokyo exclusive?

Why would we sell to a direct competitor. Schneiderlin to ManU makes more sense than Clyne to 'pool.

Plus I thought he was mooted as going to ManU as well, IDK