💰🏥 Donation for the Children's hospital

Just having a clear out at home, and came across a Southampton zip up hoodie that is far too small for me. Has of course been worn before, but is in perfectly good condition and is an age 13/14. I personally do not want any money for it, but a suggested donation (say £10) for the Children’s hospital would be very appropriate. Below is a picture of the hoodie, if anyone is interested (first come, first serve) then get in touch and I will send it to you FOC.

Thanks :+1:


Sadly too small for my post Covid physique & YoungAdult#2 has done the same as you and grown….

What children’s hospital though (Southampton?) - happy to make a donation regardless

Hi Cobs, I think Harvey was thinking about Matt’s charidee.

Great condition for a tree present :gift: Come on you tight arses … I’ll post it to you for free.



Hey @Goatboy is it still up and running? Can you reshare?

You can donate here Cobs. Same charity:


Do you know if the kiddies hospital would want the hoody as a donation. Someone might get some wear out of it and be glad of it ? Not sure how these things work ? Happy to just post it to the hospital.

Don’t think so but they would probably accept a kidney.

Currently at the airfield. Looking good for the skydive his morning. It has been postponed 3 times so far due to shitty weather.

Still waiting. Windy up top. Hoping for a break in the cloud cover.

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Windy down below would be more apt

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Did it happen?

Yep :grinning:

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Isn’t that normally what Mrs @Cobham-Saint asks?

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Indeed :frowning: