D'oh 🤦😒

Ever had one of those “…oh, of course!!! For fucksake…” moments? Well, I’m currently on the Regal Princess, working near the passenger exit while they patiently queue to disembark. And I’ve just noticed the choice of background music so far has been Soft Cell with Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, then Hucknall’s Every Time We Say Goodbye, Supertramp’s Goodbye Stranger, Squeeze chipping in with Goodbye Girl, etc.

Why have I never noticed this before? I mean, it’s so ridiculously obvious… FFS.

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…Communards, Don’t Leave Me This Way. Talking Heads, Road to Nowhere :thinking:…think I see where they’re going with this :smile::smile:

Bay City Rollers, Bye bye baby…:confounded::smile:

Bill Haley, See you later alligator…