Does the Class System still exist in the U.K.?

I think things have changed now and apart from the Royals the class distinction has all but disappeared. There are many tradespeople who earn way more than white collar workers. To me it is no more about your place in society than your income level. Yes there are still people who can be classed as poor, but the ground has shifted between working class and middle class to the extent that the John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett sketch (I look down on him etc) hasn’t rung true for some time.

Or am I just talking bollocks?

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Oh yes of course it does

If Rothschild never lived in Exbury I would never have known about it

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SOG is being his usual whopper self, for a liberal his is one bitter tit, of course there is a class system, Eton anyone? What % are our politicians of the established order?
We’re ruled by the elite still.

Now you’re there has been a merging of the working classes and the middle classes that’ll because of our industrial base dying.

To finish how many working class dentists, doctors or lawyers do you know?

You used to work for the Guardian? I suggest you write into them concerning this, what a liberal you are.

I despair I really do.


The system self-perpetuates massively which I’m not sure is a good thing and I speak as a beneficiary of it.

Eg: at work drinks the other day I was talking to a friend in my intake who went to the same school as me and he was wearing the old boy’s tie. Partner in charge of our department notices and comes over as he was also wearing one.

Cue hour long conversation between three public schoolboys and now he knows who we are and invited us for coffee.

It’s that sort of thing that shows the class system is still very much around and that these small things can be beneficial to your careers at the expense of colleagues whose parents didn’t have several hundred grand to chuck at one child’s education (not to mention the advantage one inherently has when it comes to business contacts from school friends/their parents)


A good public school isn’t a place of learning (that is pretty much assured) it is a place of networking.

I’m fucking landed gentry!

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Yes, yes it does.


Bitter??? So you agree then at least that the class system has changed and the working and middle classes have merged? Eton and other schools of that ilk aren’t the big deal that they used to be. Nearly everyone goes to uni now so that isn’t a big deal anymore. It is all being watered down. I don’t know anyone now who would call themselves working class. I know two plumbers, two electricians, a metal worker, a chippy, a pest controller, a French polisher and a guy who sells spare parts for motor bikes. All of them lead what you would call a middle class life style.

Short and to the point.

Somebody needs to clarify the classes

how do I know if I am upper or lower class

I know I work therefore am working class.

Why would I want to write to The Guardian about it? I brought the discussion here because it was fucking up the Glastonbury thread. You specifically seem to have a bee in your bonnet about the working class (despite not being able to define what that is). I am interested to know if others think that the working class as was still exists. You may well despair, but you clearly felt it was worthy of debate on the other thread. You seem to have changed your mind though?

As an aside, here’s a brilliant snippet from Lord 2 Jags’ doc on class - in particular the final 10 seconds:

You always bring me into the discussion either by name or by snide.

You’re an old git, you should know better, and yes you post like a bitter lemon masked with a hint of liberal attitude, sorry SOG this thread once again hasn’t gone to plan ie me getting whacked by proxy for you but hey ho son I can do that on my own in the open.

Working Class do exist - they drink prosecco instead of champagne and cannot tell the difference between left and right bank claret


Having a working class job doesn’t mean you’re working class, its about schooling, blood, mixing, parentage, heritage, land, money and many other things.

Its blurred and this helps the elite, if people think they’re a higher status than they are there’ll be more compliant in screwing the less fortunate as they won’t want to be them.
For a liberal you don’t half sound like a tory.