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25 years old !! :scream:

Noted. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

I hope they show his Jimmy Savile death announcement from Stoke Mandeville hospital, a few years before he died. Jaw dropping, especially with hindsight.


A wonderful story told by survivors of the service of The Lanc during WWII from the failings of the Wellington to the design of the Manchester and the almost accidental creation of the Lanc.
It doesn’t skim over the dark side of Bomber Command, or Bomber Harris and poses an interesting political angle at the end.

A story for the Grandkids maybe.

But the flight scenes with the BBMF Lancaster are a pure joy.

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I watched An Honest Liar the other night after watching that fucking berk Uri Geller say he could stop Russian nukes with his mind. I was drawn back to the infamous Carson Tonight Show; it was James Randi, the subject of this documentary, that gave Carson’s team all the info they needed to stop Geller from “performing”.

James Randi was a big fan of Houdini and spent his earlier days as an escapologist. He loves magic and misdirection, but only if it’s used for entertainment. He hates charlatans and frauds that would use it to claim powers, etc.

It’s a riveting watch. Geller appears, but Randi also goes after televangelists and other frauds over the course of a long career.

Here’s the Geller tonight show appearance as a bonus.

Bono & The Edge :A sort of homecoming
With David Letterman

Dave seems to be knocking it outta the park of late.
This is a show about his mates going back to their roots and reinventing their songs.
Banging tunes rebooted.
And wonderful back story

Unplugged Beautiful Day is epic

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If you want U2 unplugged they did a Tiny Desh concert last week…

Downloaded some random Netflix things to my phone for the flight Friday
(No @PhilippineSaint Ryanair don’t even have movies)
Random to fit in wuth whatever mood check-in/boarding had left me in.

Netflix Sly was the chosen viewing. Basically a glossy interview with Sly interspersed with clips from movies.

It didn’t get much into him as a person but it went into his Directing Writing & Acting and how he got where he did and how is whole facial appearance came about through a difficult birth

The Rocky stuff is legendary, Arnie, Quentin and others dropped in nice words.

Soapy but i enjoyed it

The Ayatollah was watching the Robbie Williams one - the bit I caught was quite interesting

Essentially he has had some one following him about filming ever since the Take That days so there are thousand of hours of video diaries which is a hell of a window into how he was at various points in time

You can see him having these breakdowns -

Then todays Robbie watches this stuff and talks about it

it weird but strangely compelling viewing

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