Do you pay more corporation tax than Facebook?

Facebook paid just £4,327 in UK corporation tax this year. As a small, one-man band. I paid multiple times more for my relatively modest business ( < £100K turnover p.a. ).

Do you pay more corporation tax than Facebook?

    1. Don’t run a business
    1. Yes.
    1. No

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No, but only shy by a pretty small amount. Considering I’m essentially an entry-level employee, that’s really disgusting.

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I don’t pay tax as I am non resident in this world. Nobody will let me stay in their country for over 30 days at a time apart from the UK and that is to cold for me so not doing that. So sod em not giving any of them any of my hard earned spondulacks.

We’re talking hundreds of millions of revenue in the UK. It’s not even one fucking percent!

How do you manage that, something is crooked there.

Yes, fuckloads more. Bastards.

I try and avoid higher taxes through multiple spells on inactive employment each year :cool: :cool:


Vote Corbyn, he’ll sort it out.


Sorry, misread the poll. I put no, but as I said I’m an employee, not a business owner.

Really does make my blood boil. We’ve heard plenty of bluster from Gideon about clamping down on tax evasion and avoidance, yet this stuff still goes on.

All this against the backdrop of cuts, job losses, growing use in food banks, tax cuts for millionaires, inheritance tax cuts. Disabled people are dying, kids are starving yet people get more angry about benefit fraud than they do this shit. How many companies/millionaires would we have to tax properly to cover the amount of benefit fraud?

There really can be no doubt whatsoever who this government works for. I’m not even advocating taxing these companies to a point where they would consider leaving the country, but jesus christ how can anyone defend this?

they have booked a huge amount of staff bonuses against profit this year which is why the taxable profits are so low - I would be interested to see what the year on year tax take is to determine if that is a one off or not.

They need to create a sales tax for online sales for overseas based companies eg amazon - if we could collect 20% VAT on their sales in the Uk i’d be less worried about the Corp tax…

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Well, the positive side of things is that not many people are. The Daily Mail has this scandal plastered over its front pages, so it isn’t an issue that cuts left and right.

I know Nobby was jesting when he told people to vote Corbyn, but realistically, he’s the last party leader in 30 years that has even fancied sorting the problem out. It’s something that everyone should be annoyed at.

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But your staff bonus’s will have the tax paid on them so the amount going to the treasury will be the same or more depending on the tax bracket of the staff than if they just paid corporation tax.

Loads more. If anything Zuckerberg should be tipping my moody maids.

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Not if that have used an employee share scheme, they won’t (odd on the chances of that ???)

I’ve made it, I’ve made it!

Have I? :lou_smiley:


The fuckers. Our modest business paid lots more Corp Tax than these bastards. All these fucking businesses that ponce off the Treasury should be boycotted. No doubt, HMRC should be a lot tougher than they are, but these spunkbubbles have it on their agenda to set about unfairly reducing their liabilities by any foul means they can dream up. Cunts. Makes me mad.


I pay less tax than virtually anyone and its totally legal with no booking revenue or costs anywhere else. Earnings nil, spending minimal. Easy.


I feel bad for Facebook that they only made £21,635 profit last year :lou_sad:

I’m gonna start a Just Giving page


What’s tax?

I expect to pay more than that this tax year for the first time in 4 years trading! I am also skint! :wink: