:saints: ⬇ ❓ Do we need to be relegated?

So with Wesley mk 2 coming in, Ralph living in a World where he’s just trying to get top dollar for our players, and Gao and Fat Kat nowhere to be seen, it feels to me like we need relegation and the ability to start again. I think we may get this anyway though tbf.

I also think there needs to be some sort of investigation into the FA and their fucking proper persons test. They’d let Rose West run a fucking football team.


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Tbf, I quite enjoyed our sojourn in league 1.

It was nice to be the big cash rich club that everyone else hated (yet still couldn’t win the league)



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So did I. But there’s no guarantee (in fact, there’s very little likelihood) of another Markus riding over the hill to the rescue. I’d humbly suggest that this time, if we went down we’d probably stay down.

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Maybe if we did we’d become the bargain buy to tempt another Billionaire as we did before.


…or, maybe we wouldn’t. The lower leagues are littered with clubs that used to be big.

Every day with Ralph Wreck-It bring us closer to relegation and on top of that, Lyanco comes istead of Vest! I thought this is a decent window until this…CB is a sensible post in a team who received almost 70 goals last season and he lost with another 3 first day agaist a medium team like Everton.Lyanco is a downgrade to Stephens and will be shortly 5 option CB after Salisu, Bednarek, Stephens and…Simeu!