Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap? Deadline Day

If you’re having trouble with your number ten
He’s giving you the blues
You wanna progress but he’s hittin’ row Z?
Here’s what you gotta do.
Pick up the phone.
They’re always home
Ready to make a dime
Pay inflated agent fees in search of trophies
They lead a life of crime.

The January Transfer window comes to a close tomorrow. Deadline day discussion here. Anyone making any bold predictions on moves? What about winners and losers?* How much money will be spent?

* Please don’t submit “agents” as winners.

Looks like Newcastle are after Berahino. £21miliion seems a lot of money for a player who gets the hump and downs tools.


Yes but he’s so much cheaper than Raheem Stirling…BARGAIN.

I rest my case.

I like Raheem Sterling. Whenever he plays, the Liverpool fans on my Facebook feed cry about how he moved onto bigger and better things.

Think Sterling gets an unduly hard rap, to be honest.

hes a young lad that was poorly advised. He was also treated pretty shoddily by Liverpool. Notable the problems they have had pinning players down to new contracts, someone somewhere is messing things up and/or putting noses out of joint.

Sterling is a good player, perhaps a bit overpriced but as I keep saying Fees involving Prem (even Championship) teams just aren’t worth looking at. There’s too much money around, it’s all hyper inflated and ultimately meaningless.

Cahill might move as not getting much gametime

My point was both Sterling and Berahino are over-valued.

Newcastle have been turned down on 21 million; as always - it’s what the market will bear. I don’t blame WBA for holding onto Berahino; they’ll be held to ransom on any deal for a replacement and might not see too much change out of that money.

I don’t give a fuck what happens in the next few hours…no one got a better deal than we did with Charlie Austin.

When the media do their Top 10 transfer window review in a few hours we’ll be top, no doubt.


The reason for that, apparently, is that WBA were not keen to let him go to another team near the bottom of the table.

Fair enough. Hadn’t considered that factor but it makes a lot of sense. One does wonder whether it’ll backfire, as he ponders the prospect of earning tens of thousands of pounds a week over the next window. Maybe he’ll sign a new deal just for the cash after the window closes.

United showed the way with De Gea, and it’s win win for everyone apart from potential suitors.

Nor will they sell to Spurs, possible ever again, such is the “impression” their previous dealings left with Peace, the WBA chairman.

Journo on Talk Shite has it from “an impeccable source” that Newcastle have offered £24 million cash, for Berahino. No installments.

Ashley has suddenly realised what next year in the prem is worth.


Poll on the BBC has us well ahead of the rest in ‘deal of the window’


Thanks - just voted! It was a good deal already, but scoring within minutes of coming on made this vote a dead cert!

Have we splashed the cash yet??

According to Ronald nothing to see here today :smile:

Maybe Sky will have to employ Harry for some quotes out of his car ?

On a related note, one of my windows at home needs replacing. Who do the FA get theirs from? At the end of every transfer period, the window always slams shut and I could do with a robust replacement.

I’m very tempted to:-

a) Make a sign which says “Hands off our players, #lfc - love #saintsfc
b) Nip up to Anfield and stand behind Sky reporter


Can’t stand it, Sky hype it up to no end.

If you’re panic buying now then you really are fucked as a club.

And hereare the BBC’s idea about the 10 men who could move today!!