Dig the logo

Dig the logo


Not sure what this shit is all about on Optimus Trousers tweet but I love the Saints logo on the American footie helmet … I think I might get it on mine !

CD’s new helmet tattoo


Spelling mistake as well?




Look behind the helmet.


You’re getting a Saints tattoo on your helmet @saint-cd ?


I’m checking with Mrs S-CD first …


2 H’s, class


It’s American … South Hampton. It’s where Hampton Court boarders on the poor parts of The South.


Yeah, my American boss used to go on about The Hamptons and, when saying the name of our fair city, would pause for a week between South and Hampton.

Mind you he also used to call wolves the Wolverton Wolverines and QPR the Range Park Queens.


They asked @dubai_phil about the spelling.


I can only guess which team Bletch wishes he supported and ther ain’t Wolverines in the South


Will the tattoo on your helmet say Saints or Southampton FC-Pride Of The South Coast? Come on Saint CD, no false modesty needed here!


Just an ‘s’ I reckon?