Did anyone here go to school with Blue Peter's, Peter Duncan?


Did anyone here go to school with Peter Duncan of Blue Peter fame? This may be a bit niche but I think it’s got mileage.


LOL. Like it! I remember that he used to go on about how good he was a football when he was on the telly, but in truth he was rubbish.


So he was a liar? I wonder what else he lied about.


No, sorry Fats he was 25 when I was born. I guess that the only other thing I could add is that I associate him more with Flash Gordon than Blue Peter. If I can find other ways to contribute to this thread then I will, but I think that’s it for my part. Love the specificity of the thread title though, too many ‘broad’ title threads in this place :lou_wink_2:

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Wasnt there a bit of a fuss over a porn vid that was involved in (under the banner headline "Blue Peter?).


There have only been 4 views of this thread yet we already have one person who went to school with Peter Duncan. If this is an early indication then spread across the sotonians membership, I think we might be looking at a few hundred people who went to school with him. Although I’m not that great at maths, so may have worked that out wrong. Was Peter Duncan good at maths?


No he wasnt very good at anything except that he always got the lead in the school plays. I seem to remember him getting a part as a band member in Stardust, follow up to That’ll Be The Day as well as Flash Gordon.


What school(s) did he go to and when.

The fact I’m asking means I didn’t go to his school or he was such a dweeb that he didn’t register in my social circle (not the cool kids or the geeks, who hadn’t been invented back then)


Born in May 1954 so sorry Fatso, unless he was a supply teacher escaping my memory, I cannot help. Good luck with your quest though.


You have an almost obsessive recollection of Peter Duncan’s school career. I’m beginning to suspect something.


Do I detect the sweet strains of ITK wafting in the breeze here?


Me too, there’s too much detail and a sense of… I want to say bragging, maybe Soggy is Peter Duncan :lou_surprised:

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Well he’s not John Noakes.


You’re not kidding…would Peter Duncan have done this…

You try to do that with flapping flares and a twittering ring !

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We went to Hawes Down Secondary School in West Wickham, Kent. I am 63 so he would be 62/63. We were both in the same class in the first year and half the second year, but I moved up to the X stream at Christmas and he stayed in the A stream until he left school. This is probably my only claim to fame (apart from having two dates with Tracey Childs from Howard’s Way) so I am milking it for all I can !!!


Having grown up in Bishopstoke and attended schools there and in Eastleigh, I’m afraid that I wasn’t at school with Peter Duncan of Blue Peter fame. In fact, I don’t remember him from Blue Peter either. Nonetheless, I’d love to hear any anecdotes that other forum members have from their school days with Peter Duncan, of Blue Peter (and Flash Gordon, though I don’t remember him from that either) fame.

Come on now everybody, share your memories!


Oh, I forgot. I can drop another name. I used to go to school and play football with Les Berry - Charlton centre half from the 70s!


While I’m at it, I also went out for a meal with film director Paul Verhoeven, his girlfriend and my cousin, who was her friend. Turns out he was actually a Paul Verhoeven impersonator and he was arrested and jailed for fraud!!


Now now Soggy, let’s keep this thread on track. Start your own thread on ‘going for a meal with people who aren’t famous’ if you must. I’m sure everyone on this forum would have many stories along those lines :lou_wink_2:


Piss poor attempt to get onto the name drop band wagon there Soggy.

More on Peter Duncan please