Detective books set in Southampton

Detective books set in Southampton


Mrs Sfcsim is currently reading books by M. J. Arlidge who’s books are set in Southampton and are a detective series. Not my sort of thing, but might read for the Southampton connection.

Liar Liar, is the book she is currently reading.

Anyone read these, they even mention Southampton FC.


Not that set of books but a comic book re Sir Bevis



I’ve read the 1st two, Eeny Meeny and Pop Goes The Weasel. Both pretty good books, but tending to be a tad samey, but still well worth the effort. SFC and even a few streets in Eastleigh get mentions as well as most parts of Southampton!! Will have to look out for The Dolls House, Liar Liar and the latest one to come out shortly Little Boy Blue. As it is a continuing story it is best to read them from the 1st one onwards to get the feel for the central character Dectective Helen Grace.


Does an ice rink get a mention?


Does the Allington Lane roundabout get a mention?


I am thinking of getting into this niche career. I’ve already had one idea for a story.


detective pap investigates if ppl from the internet are dune


I’m never doing that again. Never mind the fact that I spectacularly failed to crack my most high profile case; there is also all the post-conflict stuff you have to deal with. Humiliation, introspection, bonds you’d never think of making. I willingly went to the UI Pound for Naughty Steveweb dogs, and adopted Barry Sanchez so that he could playfully bound over here, something I would have considered unimaginable during the investigation.

These things have unforeseen outcomes.

People need to be aware.


You hired me from there Pap, a person that will unite everyone in anger/confusion and hatred is surely a positive thing for the majority


I see you brushed over the big issue there, Bazza. Are you happy with the Hoff playing you in the film adaptation of “What the fuck has Bazza had to drink tonight”?


I’m cool with that.


Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

I’m cool with that.

It seems far fetched, but he’ll do anything. If he can play Michael Knight, Mitch off Baywatch _and _do stuff like this, a 21st Century exile with no memory of 21st century events should be well within his range.