⚽ Derby County Friendly :derbyfc: v :saints:

Anyone know when this game will go on sale ?

Anyone thinking of going ?

Decent boozers round BarterTown so should be a good away day.

@ericofarabia said he will be in UK around that time and was considering it.
But ever since the incdent with the Marghertia/Thai Green Curry, a Town Called Malice and his Laptop he hasn’t been the same

Derby? Best nightlife in the country…apparently


I heard it is better than Southampton


Tickets arrived in the post today. Looking forward to seeing some of the new faces. The two of us will be in Barter Town from about midday with plans for a spot of luncheon pre-match. Anyone else going ?

Nah, sorry Chris - will be on The Waterside. Say hi to @Barry-Sanchez if you see him out clubbing afterwards


Will they be showing it live on the website? Anyone know?


When I saw £44m in writing there it made me stop and think.

Basingstoke is more happening than Southampton…

Whether you’d left the iron on? Do you opt for the billowy or frilly blouse? We are not mind readers is my point as I wouldn’t like to appear all ambiguous :lou_wink_2:


A) how much we’d spent already in the 'window. B) what a twat your are. C) I’d left the iron on on my frilly blouse.


Some clarification on item B needed.

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Some of the newbies will be getting some game time.

Off to Derby tomorrow with my side kick @SimplySaint. COYR. Looking forward to seeing some of the new guys.


Give a good account of yourselves as the sole representatives of Sotonians attending.

I trust @SimplySaint will be buying the beer & half time pie after fleecing everyone older than him on t’site (i.e. all of us)


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Absolutely !

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Eric will be at the game. No doubt in any pub serving Real Ale

Fuck we have already lost.

Has he ever watched a game live where Saints have won or even drawn?

Don’t know if this is live screened but there’s a countdown to kickoff on the site.