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Jamie Reid, the artist and graphic designer probably best known for his collage work for the Sex Pistols has died aged 76. He was a true one off, responsible for the cover of Never Mind The Bollocks, God Save The Queen, the single banned by the Beeb with the iconic Cecil Beaton portrait of Her Maj defaced, the torn Union Jack for the Anarchy In The UK single, and many more. He probably owes more than a nod to Peter Blake, designer of the Sgt Pepper album cover, but he was certainly up there as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

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Bummer :slightly_frowning_face:

Parky has gone

Sad news.


Le Gavroche - it’s closing :cry:

One of my favourite restaurants

He’s closing it for the right reasons tbf.


BBC News - Bob Barker, who hosted The Price Is Right for 35 years, dies aged 99

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Tbh I thought he’d died a while back.

Surprised he didn’t get his coveted British passport given the Scrotes who have managed to get one.

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And that was him.

This is how I want to go

An Italian winemaker fell into a vat of wine and drowned after trying to save a colleague who had become intoxicated by gases produced in the fermentation process.

Marco Bettolini, 47, reached for his 31-year-old colleague but having also been made dizzy from the fumes lost his balance.

Both men fell into the vat at the Ca’ di Rajo winery in northeastern Italy, but only Mr Bettolini died. The colleague, whose identity has not been released by police, was in hospital with serious injuries.

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Imagine the explosion at the cremation :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Mr Bettolini would have died sooner but he got out of the vat three times to have a piss.


Good riddance.

Michael Gambon has passed away aged 82 after a bout of pneumonia. A truly great actor IMHO, mesmerizing to watch. I only recently re-watched the Singing Detective, absolutely brilliant. RIP.


Really gutted to hear that. One of the greats.


The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover


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He was brilliant in that playing gangster Albert Spica, truly evil. He was good in Layer Cake too.
Reading some of the obits much is made of the fact that he was a magnificent and very funny liar when he was being interviewed, he took great ;pleasure in doing it to wind up journalists. Loads of great anecdotes with examples of this, a real character.
He once told an interviewer that he was secretly gay and had had several affairs with prominent people, to see if the journalist could resist the temptation to publish the bombshell. He added that he was no longer a practicing homosexual because it “makes my eyes water”.


I saw him on stage in Patrick Marber’s production of The Caretaker, back in 2000. A superb staging, with a brilliant cast - Gambon, Rupert Graves and Douglas Hodge - but Gambon stole the show.