Dear Les

Hello mate,

I don’t like to sound all negative and the like, but I do have something that I’m curious about, so I have a simple question for you.

Where the fuck are the points going to come from?

No, seriously mate, where the fuck are they going to come from??

Did you see that yesterday? Yeah, but you didn’t need to, because it felt the same as every other home fixture for the last frigging year, and was anyone in that ground surprised? Were they fuck!

That was the two worst teams I’ve seen since West Brom appointed Pardew - two sides desperately hanging onto each other in a fatal goalless suicide pact embrace, a clumsy manhug that will carry them both to away games at Shrewsbury and Scunthorpe.

No mate, I don’t think that we’re sleepwalking towards relegation, we’re at Beachy Head, sprinting towards France wearing a teeshirt that says in huge fucking letters 'just to dispel any doubt, we are going down!

And if it happens, because let’s face it, we still harbour dreams of things changing even when the facts offer nothing to support that fantasy approach, should anyone suggest that we don’t deserve it, they will qualify for a punch in the face - from everyone in the ground.

And they’re allowed a run-up.

Yes I know one win will carry us to 6th or whatever, but where is that going to come from, seriously?

We can’t play West Brom all fucking season, so I can’t see where the points will come from.

Cheers Les, I look forward to hearing your Great Escape plan.


PS Fair play to you on the Fonte offload, you called that one spot on!


FFS RB, stop being so polite, say it as it is.

(Actually, well put mate)

I think I’ve mentioned on here before that following our 3-2 comeback victory over Liverpool two seasons ago Les Reed came over and chatted to my son and I whilst we were celebrating the win in a Southampton bar/restaurant. He was more than happy to take the plaudits that day, and, in truth, I was more than happy to sprinkle them in his direction. By the same token, he now has to take his fair share of responsibility for what has happened since then.

Saints are far from the be-all-and-end-all of my life; however, for 50 years they have played a significant role in it. I’ve managed to miss our 3 home victories and the 2-2 draw with Newcastle this season – perhaps I’m either unlucky or a fucking Jonah! – so the last time I actually saw them win at home was almost a year ago against Palace; that’s about a dozen winless fixtures with about 3 Saints goals and, very much in the main, totally shite performances.

It’s churlish for me to blather on about how much it costs, nowadays, for my son and I to attend these fixtures because, at the end of the day, we choose to pay it; nobody forces us to watch them. What I will say, though, is that, value-for-money wise, the SFC match day experience over the last year has been the poorest in my time as a Saints supporter, and I include in that the Branfoot years and our relegation season in the Championship.


In all seriousness following from Halo’s admission. I saw my first game in '67, so 41 years.

In the 70’s I went to games home and away some years and others as a student I saw two or three.

Also in those days I played a lot of football so went a whole year without seeing a game.

Will I care if we are in EPL or L1 IF I am in England and have time to get to SMS? No.

To me these days in the current Dubai, our Krew is the only Social Activity OTHER than Karaoke I have left. All my old pals have left (even Eric will go soon. Today the Saints give me cameraderie and a reason to pay 10 quid a pint and talk shit. Without them I will have sod all reason to go out. I would miss that. And so for THAT reason I fear NOT being on Live TV, not relegation.

I have Happy Clapped longer than anyone, seeing improvement week on week, I even saw improvement yesterday. The time to sack MP was December, circumstances meant that did not happen. My response has not been to call names on Twitter, it has simply been to stop going to the Pub because I cannot justify it when I have to watch that dross.

Not going to stop me watching at home if I can. Les and Ralph don’t give a shit about me. I’m pissed off about it.

At the end of the day someone wrote a business plan that NC took to Marcus saying we COULD be in the Champions League within 5 years. You know what? With belief, we could have done.

But after that? I would still have been a fan, Leicester are going through that now with our boring clueless tactially cast off.

It’s football FFS.

Even IF MP set us up to play flowing attacking football, I think the fear has hit the players now (as Josh Sims alluded to yesterday) and other managers have only really worked for Swansea so far and they have been dire at times.

But Les could still have a word…


@dubai_phil , there are 3 types of people in this world: those that are good at maths, and those that aren’t

Apart from that, cracking post.


Corrected it for you @halo-stickman

Dear Les “charlton” Reed.

fuck off

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I’m not a spring chicken (I turned 50 last year (yeah, yeah, I know I only look 35)) but I feel like I want to cry. I love Saints. I love watching Saints. Tyke and I were so excited on Saturday when we got to the ground, had a beer (well I did ), got our bets on, sat down, had a gossip with the olds who sit by us … Then it happened. Or rather it didn’t. Is it just a bad dream or is this for real ?


Its for real @saint-cd and its not pretty

This has been on my mind more that I want it to since the game ended. I keep going back to logic. As in what is the boards thinking here. Do they genuinely think mp will keep us up? Are the owners therefore prepared to gamble on potentially losing a lot financially if he can’t?

Why doesnt the manager play high tempo aggressive football as stated by Les when mp was appointed? , surely Les must be curious as to why that’s never happened or looked like happening. Surely MP pledged this in the interview.

So much makes no logical sense. I feel we’re relying on luck to stay up. The appointment of Pellegrino was a very bad one and it looks like they’re allowing pride to potentially cost us premiership status.


The bit in bold! After the Kreuger interview in January they backed themselves into a hole, they can’t get rid of him without looking like idiots.

They need to talk to Pellegrino (that better @newyorksaint ??) and tell him to attack, attack, attack

Maybe play this in the changing room before they leave for the pitch

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West Brom changed their manager. They are bottom. Stoke changed theirs. Palace did too and are still right in the mix. Even Everton with their splash the cash owner have started sliding again and have realised that Big Sam is no Messiah.

If we were going to change then (1) there is plenty of further, historical, evidence that it might not make any difference (2) it would be our 4th manager in a little over 18 months - again lots of evidence to say constant change is a disaster and (3) we would have done it before the window shut.

There are a ton of things very wrong at the moment and plenty of serious questions to ask and decisions to take at the end of the season. But the solution right now is almost certainly more complicated than fire the manager and always start with Gabbi.


Now you 've done it - reasoned arguements in the face of near certain doom. Brace for the happy clapper snowflake liberal elite effluent coming your way


Every time I am ready to go full Bazza.

Arsenal, or Chelsea someone comes on the telly.

And I realise that APART from Spurs Bindippers & Citeh, almost EVERY Manager in the EPL is clueless and every side has no passion and no tactical awareness.

The exceptions being teams that are now grinding out a string of results like, um, er, like. Oh yeah, Swansea and Brighton


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