Day 22 in the Sotonians Transfer Saga House

Day 22 in the Sotonians Transfer Saga House


Its Day 22 in the House

7:35 am. Fatso and Bletch are in the same bed, having gone to bed late after consuming vast quantities of ‘BrewHound’s’ ‘Fuck like a dog on heat’ @2.3% Vol. Judging by the movements and sounds picked up by the night vision cam, that was not the last of the fluids consumed during the night. Bearsy is watching

Areola is in the kitchen having set an early alarm and is now eating the week’s supplies to comfort himself that he is in good shape for a fatbastard.

Soggy is knitting in the lounge. Both he and LITSL being of that age when they get up so many times for a ‘fake’ piss, they might as well just stay up and do someting useful - they also wanted to avoid the 'horseplay’in the bedroom.

Barry is still in the diary roomwhere he has been joined by Alpine Saint. They have locked the door an are now in the process of licking the camera lens for lack of any windows.

Pap has clean balls.


When can we start voting AG ?


From Wednesady - with eviction on Friday 26th so as to avoid serious Tena usage if no signings made before by 27th…


I would like to point out that no pisses “fake” or otherwise were taken between the hours of 12 and 6 last night.

It is also well known in the house that LITSL is no bed-wetter either.


I wish that I could plead not guilty to either of these statements too.


That damned one for the road trick - I always fall for it, and over after it.