🇨🇿 Czech Republuc v England :engerland: Euro Qualifier

Just starting, England can qualify for Euro 2020 if they win.

Anyone care?

Mrs G is away so I’m watching!

0-1 Kane penalty.

1-1 Southampton esque defending

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ND THEY SCORE NOW! Jeez 4 minutes delay on my stream!

It’s on ITV…oh

Jeez Stephens would be a better pick than Keane

How ironic, Sterling complaining that a player went down easily after a slight touch from him…


England fans have less songs than Saints


What have we done wrong in our lives?
Having to watch shit Saints games and now this…

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Too many kids innit.

It wa only a 6 hour drive to go watch the game.
IF I had a car that was up to it.
IF I could be arsed

Thank fvck I don’t

And the Czech Ricky Lambert scores on debut…

2-1 to the Czechs

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Well I guess that made up for the lack of a Southampton defeat to endure tomorrow!!

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I didn’t watch it, was it as bad as all the reports are saying?

Rickyz Lambertoz surely?

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Gash, with a dollop of double gash on top

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Glad the hotel in Labuan would not change the channel so i could watch it at 2:45 inthe morning with a 6:00 flght to kl