So the Ayatollah has dragooned me into booking a week away in April. I have hit pay dirt on a deal to Cyprus so I booked it. Now I want to find out what I have gone and committed us to.

so what is good, what isn’t - we are in Limassol

Poisonous animals, check out how many there are there. Hint: loads.

You’ve met the Ayatollah?

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Limassol is a proper city as opposed to the majority of the coastal resorts on the island but unlike Nicosia it’s not so business oriented and has a very nice old town which is frequented by the Cypriots themselves. The beaches I saw in Limassol itself were shit though.

Limassol beaches aren’t great . It’s also quite pricy as well, but the people are great & the weather should be good. Lots of Russians there last time I went