Crowd Chants at St Mary's



I was wondering as a TV viewer of games, do we have any other chants at the Stadium other than “Oh when the Saints?”. That comes through loud and proud but I am sure I don’t here many others?

What we need is some good ol fashioned crap chants to equally crap songs that NEED TO be sung by you good lot on match days.

I’ll start the ball rolling.

To the tune of Barbie Girl - “Come on Boufal, let’s go party. Oh oh oh yeah. Come on Boufal, let’s go party. Ah ah ah YEAH!!”

To the tune of Private Dancer - “He is Kevin Danso, he headers for money, go through the back of you. He’s our Kevin Danso, he’ll score at this corner, yes he is coming for you”

To the Tune of Danny Boy - “Oh Danny Boy”

To the tune of Somebody Told Me - Somebody tell us, we have a Redmond, weaving his magic, hitting the back of the net"

To the tune of In the Navy - “Stuart Armstrong, he comes from Scotland. Stewart Armstrong he has got massive hands. Stuart Armstrong, Stuart Armstrong”

There are endless possibilities and I’m counting on you all to make some noise!!


I hope you are prepared for @Bazza to come on here and tell you how bad all the songs are including the Spurs one.

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Yes, yes I am. That’s why we need more

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Lol. Creative Dave!


That’s what I thought!
Tbf, I didn’t know the rest of the song

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Next time you’re over I’ll sing it for you.

Beltch trivia #634 - My grandma used to sing it to me all the time. The last time was Christmas day 1982 in Sydney two weeks before she died.


I hope you were blessed by her singing.

I would be honoured if you sang for me. Might need to get me a Go Fund Me page to get me over there!


Your trip could be funded by a Go Fund Me page for me to NOT sing Danny Boy?


To get over there. I still want you to sing it!

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