🍻 Cristal, pal? As pre-match drinks go, it's a bit bourgeois. I'll just have a beer

Christmas has come, Christmas has gone, some of our livers have taken a right fucking hammering. What better to do, then, than continue this excellent process with some beers before watching Saints attempt a third consecutive win?

Any suggestions? I guess the Stable would be somewhat apt at this time of year.

Times are hard when @Fowllyd starts selling meth on Sotonians.

Austerity, eh?


I’ll be there at some point.
Knowing the trains, probably be around 5pm🙄

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Stable good for me.

Who is Palas?

Surely it should have been…

Crystal, pal? Ace! Although FowllyD will want something more pretentious.

Note to self - we need the downvote feature back.

A word of advice, Bletch old chap. If anyone should ever offer you a glass of Cristal, accept the offer with alacrity. Just don’t put it on your fucking cooker.

In the Stable now, sitting upstairs with a pint of Red Cat porter.

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I like a nice porter now and again, is it nice?

It’s not bad at all - pretty decent in fact.