Creating new collective nouns in the woke era

So @pap has got upset twice this week.
Once when I was saying I didn’t miss dumb Brits such as those in Spainwho didn’t think Brexit would affect them and are being deported.
Then he got annoyed with Gammons.

So clearly we need to define our own PC/Woke terms.
As an example we have The Gargantuans The Happy Clappers, The Bedwetters.
There must be so many more.
What is the new Gammon?
Does Fvcktard cover too wide a brief?
Is an anti-vaxers a covidiot?
Is an Influencer even human?
Or do we use other terms?

Reality TV Stars for the incredibly stupid?
Oh wait…

@pap give us a woke Gammon alternative

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I’m not upset. I’m simply calling things out for what they are.

Do we need another thread on this?

Well that was on a serious thread this is Monkey Tennis.


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I would narrow this down to “technofucktard” , which I unashamedly self-identify as :+1:

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We have a thread telling us what we cannot use.

I think the term to describe you would be technoturd.
The term I’m searching for is to describe (as an example) the Brits that can be found outside an English Pub in any European City pre Covid pissed out of their heads singing out of tune and wolf whistling local women.
A Murmuration of Fvcktards was an early idea.

But dont want to offend Starlings

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Then there is “The Essex Bouncer” imho this was the forerunner of the Gammon.
The wide neck, shaved head, awight? awight? Was its standard vocabulary.
Before (the not allowed) conversion to Gammonism they included a whole subset of wannabes who clearly longed to be an Essex Bouncer - often found at places like that 1861 or whatever bar in Bompey. They never quite carried off wearing the Tuxedo though

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An Embarrassment of Engerlanders?

Oh, sorry that excludes the Scottish, Irish and Welsh. Is that racist? It’s like tip-toeing through a politically correct minefield on this site at the moment.


An embarrassment of chavs


I’m loving this thread. It’s like one of the “Road to…” movies, except no-one knows where the road is going and we don’t know what horrors we’ll find along the way.

Carry on!

This is next level shit.
I start the thread. Couple of hours later I’m watching a new TV Series (The Irregulars) which shows promise. (Not sure if it is horror, capeshit or crime yet)
And a lot of randomness means it features a Bird Attack in London by a breed of Ravens only found in NE England & Scotland.
Anyway street urchin says flock of birds.
Stalker says no, it was
An Unkindness of Ravens.

This gives this thread real wings.

Can we now label politicians voting against free kids meals or higher pay for Nurses


I once witnessed an attempted murder.

But the crow got bored and flew away.


Trying not to go down the pub thread.
There is more flesh on a good baked Gammon Joint

Reboot your sense of humour, you seem to have lost it recently🙄

I do know the collective name for a group of bankers is a wunch.


An Unkindness of Wunches.

I feel we may be getting somewhere

A cunt of Conservatives.

A flap of socialists.

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So @pap can now be called a flap.

Let’s see how that works