Crap TV Shows


Stuff that is just bad… not that you just dont like, but really shit

Startyou off withe Sky’s : Strike Back


Soaps, that’s all


Celebrity Wank Fests i.e. Strictly

“Talent” shows

Saturday night TV in general.


Celebrity Gogglebox which the Ayatollah has on right now.

Liam Gallagher wants to make me stick my foot through the tele, the utter tosser.

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Naaa! It’s the adult version of Saturday morning flicks…shoot 'em up tat, for people who don’t do gaming.


I do love googlebox. I’ve watched it since the first episode. I’m less keen on celebrity versions of it. I’m less keen on one’s about cancer like this episode. I’ve been sitting here weeping. I know what cancer is like. I’ve lost people to cancer. I didn’t want to think about it on a Friday night when I got a whiskey and have tuned in for light hearted fun.


I have come to the conclusion that cancer can go fuck itself.


Controversial - Cake-off.

Just don’t get it - even if you do.



Tagalog TV

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Weirdly that might be a cure you genius!