Cowman OUT!

Cowman OUT!


Evertonians not happy after the Toffees drew 2 - 2 at Goodison against 10 man Apollon Limassol. :lou_lol:

Looks like the traitor hasn’t learnt anything from his previous Euro League ventures.


Did he play 5 at the back from the start or only change to that once they had a man sent off?


He does seem to have lost his way somewhat.

I’m quite worried about his future.

Oh it’s okay, I’ve got over it.


£6m a year :lou_facepalm_2:


I hope they don’t sack him, i’m enjoying this.


It’s starting to look like a slow motion car crash. Strangely compelling. Like when their neighbours the bin dippers don’t get their way in the transfer market…



How can we not beat a team that sounds like my WiFi password

Is my favourite quote this morning


Couple of my favourites by Toffee suuporters:

“The sooner Koeman takes Everton out of the Europa League, the sooner he can focus on finishing 7th and qualifying for the Europa League…”


_“We are terrible. Sell all the players, the ground, everything. Build flats and forget there was ever a football club called Everton.” ** _

_ ** _ So that’s where BS was last night.


And we think that we have problems!


Think that’s more accurate



Well, with them being such a big club and all, no doubt they’ll attract a top replacement.

I expect Conte and Zidane are angling their exit as we speak.


Oh dear. He’s been given a vote of confidence by the owner. Can’t be long now.


Evertonians in meltdown if the Liverpool Echo is anything to go by. Some of them want him to do the decent thing and resign, but he’s hardly going to do that and walk away from an 16 million quid payoff. Plus another 5 for little brother who has been stealing a living.


Love it


When you think about it we do good business with our managers

McMenemy to Sunderland Takes them to the Third Div :lou_lol:

Burley to Scotland compensation pays his wages

Koeman to Everton Compensation pays his and his brothers wages for the time they were at Southampton.


Puel reads post and sips his champers :lou_wink_2:


The people of Liverpool must think we are right bunch of dodgy chancers, we have sold them so much useless overpriced shit in the last few years.


Currently Everton 1:3 Arse-nal

Everton down to 10 men

Judas not looking happy



You know you’re in the shit when Ozil scores against you. :lou_facepalm_2: