:copyright: Cover us in glory

:copyright: Cover us in glory


Field Music do Pet Shop Boys…


Fab cover of one of the Zim’s greatest songs by K T Tunstall. Nice to see Julian Assange on the keyboards too.


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A few I like but don’t have the time to attach videos: Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson Changes - 2pac Whole Lotta love - Goldbug Cold as Ice - MOP Baker Street - Foo Fighters Voodoo People - Pendulum Professional Widow - Armand Van Helden Koochy - Armand Van Helden It’s like that - Jason Nevin’s remix I suppose it’s where you draw the line with sampling and covers.




Gary Newman cover.



Kate bush cover.



Van Morrison cover.



Billy Joel cover.



Original by Diamond head and Metallica’s most popular cover song, on the B side of creeping death death single. So not sure why this is showing the Kill Em All album on you tube.



Joan Baez cover


This came on in a cafe in Brighton today. Havent heard it in an age but a quality cover if ever there was one.


Crap video , great cover - saw them at Southamton uni with texas as the support


Can’t find a standalone video or figure out embedding, but here she is.

Lorde tribute to Bowie


No Geordi LaForge. No red codpiece. I’m out.


Pap, your musical taste is normally execrable. On this occasion though, I’m with you all the way.


And here’s a Carter Family number. John Lee nails it.




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Crap video , great cover - saw them at Southamton uni with texas as the support


I was there as well. Gun were more famous than Texas at the time.