Couple Had Oral Sex In Front Of Their Children At A Shopping Centre


Fahad Bilal and Akeela Ali were caught in the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush and have now been banned from “coming within the M25” for eight weeks.

Fahad Bilal, 26, and his wife, Akeela Ali, 25, started the day with a family shopping trip to Shepherd’s Bush Westfield shopping centre with their two children, aged 3 and 5.

Unlike most family shopping trips, it ended when they were caught on CCTV having oral sex by the shopping centre lifts while their children watched, according to Central News reporters at Hammersmith magistrates’ court.

Ali later told police said she “thought about stopping” when their children interrupted, but carried on because “it just happened”.

The prosecutor explained what happened next: “When she finished she spat into a tissue and threw it behind a plant pot in the shopping centre’s lift lobby lounge.”

Ali later told police she was pregnant “and as a result her hormones were everywhere and she felt horny”, the prosecutor said.

Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush, where this all took place, describes itself as a “pioneering shopping and leisure destination”.

My wife never once did this, though admittedly we used to frequent Brent Cross not Westfield. She is now the ex-wife.


I don’t know if I’m just being overly suspicious here, but if her hormones where all over the place because of her pregnancy, thus making her feel horny, then surely she should would have wanted the oral sex on her, not given it to him?

I’d have thrown this out of court!


You’re the expert in this area Lou, so I’m gonna believe you as what you’re saying sounds plausible!


Mrs G went right off sausage when she was pregnant.

Maybe she was ‘touching’ herself at the same time? If I were the gentleman involved I think that would be the encouragement I’d be giving.

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Speculation. Overruled.

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Perhaps it was just goat sausage that she went right off?

I hear that pregnant women find that their tastes change *.

* I should stress that it wasn’t Mrs Goat that told me this **.

** Honest ***.

*** No, really.


Nah it was all sorts of sausage.

Luckily she still loved cock though.

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You’re lucky.

Mrs Bletch won’t put anything in her mouth that tastes fowl.


Yes she will.


Turkey at Christmas?

She must like stuffing.

In front of the kids? Really, what kind of fucktards do this sort of thing in front of the kids? If the cat walks into the room, that’s it for me! It’s that stare thing they have going on…

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If you think the cat has a stare, what about when you are doing it with the cat and the wife walks in.

That is a look.

I would imagine.


We were wondering what happened to the kids. If they’re doing that in public what’s going on at home. Possibly witnessing a bit too much.

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Better for children to receive their sex education in a safe, family environment than i.e. waiting for them to figure out what Mr. Tumble is really signing.


I like the fact that they have been banned from coming within the M25 for eight weeks!

I agree with Bearsy… Seems to me like they just want the kids to be cunning linguists?

(Had to be done, no?)

“Being caught on CCTV” “banned from coming with the M25”

Once you get over the shock horror of parents having sex in front of kids, there is something quite puritanical about this case. Is that what we’ve really installed CCTV to check up on? Is London, home of Soho and all sorts of wild antics, really going to be better off now this couple have been banned.


Surely that’s a bit London-snobbish? They must think it would be fine for this couple to rock up to West Quay and do a 69 on the counter of Nandos at lunchtime!!