Cortese to Leeds?

Sunday Times reporting this might be a possibility with our former chairman looking to head up a bid? Interesting given that Leeds are a classic ‘sleeping giant’.

But Please can someone take on the the Turkish role and ignore any discussion and just make jokes about him being short… Ad infinitum. Without that contribution, this thread will surely offer nothing?


He is short though. But I do not think he is to short to be a football chairman and a successful one. This is just my opinion.


Or just use this as bait to get him over here to do the job himself.

I get bored telling Fatso to sod off, I need someone new!

And I would be very interested to see what Cortese could do at Leeds. We might find out how much of our success was down to him…or not!


Indeed. For my part, him and ML were the a team. With ML offering the more friendly side, keeping his eager and ego driven apprentice’s feet on the ground. After all ML was also responsible for removing certain ‘privileges’ from ex players etc, but it was not until he sadly passed away that spats became public and Le Tiss and co made the most of their profiles… Conflict resulution obviously not part of his executive evelopment program. Nor did certain vocal fans criticise ML at the time, yet it later became a stick to beat Cortese with.

I still ill believe it was a shame that Cortese could not adapt. We need that kind of determined autocracy to drive through change, but once the new model was in place, a more democratic and balanced approach was surely better? The best leaders would have been able to influence KL and get them on side, whilst accepting the part they could play to enhance the ideas and direction the club would eventually go.

Whilst I am very happy with the stability we appear to have now, I can’t help but feel we lack a bit of real ‘drive’ and determination to progress… Sometimes it seems we capitulate too easily in letting players go…and maybe, had we more visible and tangible ideas to realise the stated ambition, less players would be so keen to go ?

Without wishing to upset anyone, no one has any idea about Markus Leibher and whether he has the “friendly” side of the pair. He was a businessman and they’re not often known for being pushovers. He bought us for a pittance and it was a sound investment. He took some photos once and everyone seems to think they know what he was like a person. We don’t. No one does. I’m grateful he bought the club and recognise the debt we owe him, but I don’t like it when he gets painted as some sort of second coming of Christ.


Well, as I worked at the firm that sold the business to ML and thus had plenty of dealings with both him and Cortese, I had first hand feedback that ML was clearly a bright and talented businessman, but was also a gentleman to deal with. Cortese, on the other hand was arrogant beyond belief at all times, often displaying a level of contempt for anyone on the other side of the deal. There’s more of course but nothing that has not been speculated about to death on the other site.


Would Ronald have fallen for a Cortese “charm offensive” when we were looking for a new manager…or even, would we still have Pochettino as manager.

I like the way things have turned out…we might be a softer touch but I think we have more friends inside and outside of football with the current regime. :lou_smiley:


Difficult one…

We owe ML bigtime and it was Nicola that brought him to us.

I liked some of the things Nicola did - and I really didn’t like some of the things he did, there were many shades of grey with Mr Cortese.

But he definitely blotted his copybook when he departed.

As Bucks above, I also have a dash of ITK on this one so let’s just say, some of the stunts Nicola pulled when he was on the way out were fucking disgraceful and not Saintly at all.

We are now in a better place.

I would be curious to see what he could do with Leeds.

To me he’s like some bloke you used to get on with before he got banged up for petty crimes - you’d spend time with him and maybe have a few laughs about the old days, but you wouldn’t trust him with a tenner.


Scary, did he have a pleasure room? Maybe we should get Bearsy to review?

A different type of mental than the current owner.

Cracked Rib showing way too much knowledge of soft porn aimed at middle-aged ladies who aren’t getting enough! :slight_smile:

In fact if they got any less it would probably heal up.

Now now, Rentboy,you saying you ain’t got a pleasure room? :lou_is_a_flirt:

Not sure - would it be upstairs or down below?

Heard it was in your cellar dude

Originally posted by @areloa-grandee

But Please can someone take on the the Turkish role and ignore any discussion and just make jokes about him being short… Ad infinitum. Without that contribution, this thread will surely offer nothing?

*Cracks knuckles*

Stolen spoon; cuban heels; elevator for one; delivered late and over budget; spending a dead man’s money; massive catchment area; Dell-sized mentality; man on the moon…



And you forgot the floater in the gold lined toilet

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I hope this happens. Nasty man in charge of a nasty club. It will be good to have a proper villian in the Premiership again instead of all these plastic imitations!

It’s a good move. Sheffield isn’t so very far away, the perfect English town to supplement his spoon collection (will he be interested in mere steel, though?). As they’re repeatedly proved, Leeds will take just about anybody.