Cortese on TalkSport at 10:00 (12/09/2017)

Should be interesting (not), wasn’t Jim White Il Duce’s media favourite?

Who did he eat?


Apparently The Don will appear at around 11:45 to 12:00. White says he was with him last night and intimated that he might be due a return to football. Also said he has an interesting story about bringing in Poch. I wonder if he will also tell us what he left in Frannies swimming pool?

Wonder if he’s found his spoon. He’s certainly taken his time looking for it.

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He seems to be sitting at an angle. Perhaps he still has Markus’s watch up his rectum?

Given his size, I think he replaced it with a ladel.

He certainly does look like he’s bulked out a bit.

Is anyone else seeing Chris Waddle?

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Despite the fact that he’s clearly homeless, all hunched up and living on a park bench, with that ridiculous jacket and jeans combo and greased-up mini-beehive, his smug face looks as punchable as ever.

Hair by Alan Titchmarsh, dressed by Bletch, advised by many - but still listening to none of them.


Seeing Chris Waddle in that picture I should add, I’m not enquiring as to whether or not I’m being cheated on by the former England midfielder.

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@gavstar I wouldn’t get too upset, Waddle is such a tart…

As for Cortese he sort of reminds me of a Harry Enfiled character but I can’t think which one…

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Cuban heels as goal posts, isnt it?

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So far it’s been a suckfest. Only thing of interest that we nearly had Howe instead of Adkins but he ruled himself out because we took too long to get back to him. Cortese went after Poch because he liked the look of him in the touch line (initially).

Now it seems that the success of the academy was down to the Don. Funny as I seem to remember it doing rather well under Lowe too.

Ox sold to pay for Staplewood.


Wouldn’t be drawn in reasons he left (there were more than one) but did say he was worried about complacency (not just the club’s but his).

We agreed a fee for Couthino but Liverpool upped their offer and we didn’t get a chance to speak to the player.

Might come back to football if it’s the right project. Maybe not here though. What a suckfest that was. A really easy ride and they were falling over themselves to kiss his arse. Some fan called Matt was allowed to suck his dick by phone too - whilst also slagging off Ralph and Les.

He also said he bought two or three players with the Ox money.

We got £40m for the Ox???