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72 deaths from 48 million jabs. As you say there is a risk with all vaccines (all meds indeed). Article obviously claims the risks were known etc and it’s shitty for the families, but it also glosses over how many died from Covid, including fit and healthy people under 65.


The Telegraph are going for it - dangerous vaccine knowingly rushed through by ministers etc - and it’s being lapped up by the wankers who populate the comments

I didn’t have it and I am fine therefore it was needless etc

Thing is they are absolutely right in their own individual cases

However for every case they present the other side can present a counter argument

My mate got caught by the delta variant (the prevalent one before the vaccine were released). He ended up in hospital and he was a 42 yr old PE teacher - the exact profile of person they are claiming sure have been fine with Covid

Assuming 3 doses 16m people got the AZ jab

How many of those would have died / gone to hospital without it?

Now the lawyers have got it and are using American class action tactics to push this through -ie trying the case in the media


I entirely agree with you. The vaccines, including the AZ product, saved thousands of lives


What annoyed me about the Telegraph was the implication taking the vaccine was a voluntary informed decision vs it being pretty much mandatif you wanted to work or travel.


Some people seem to have very selective memories for how desperate a crisis it was back in 2020 before the vaccines became available. Possibly they caught it and felt a little under the weather for a couple of days; other people died or were permanently damaged by Covid.


Patrick Vallance is giving evidence to the Covid enquiry today, some of his testimony regarding Johnson veers between hilarious and deeply troubling. Vallance kept a diary in which every day he recorded his thoughts on the day’s events. " Johnson clearly bamboozled by modelling on schools" " It is awful watching Johnson trying to understand statistics, and that he finds the difference between relative and absolute risk almost impossible to understand". “It was a real struggle trying to get Johnson to understand graphs from the Covid dashboard”. “Which way up do I holld the graph”. Yes really! “The PM struggled with the whole concept of doubling times…just couldn’t get it”. Lots more in the same vein. He also virtually called Sunak a bare faced liar,(no surprise there), for telling the enquiry that Vallance and Whitty signed off the eat out to help out policy. They did no such thing, and lying to the enquiry should have consequences.

This old video of the Lying Oaf failing an IQ test intended for children cannot be shared too often, and is especially topical given Vallances’ revelations today.

Tory voters - this is what you put in charge of our country, this is the complete ignoramus who lectures us all on subjects he doesn’t understand in the Daily Mail for a six figure sum, and this is the man Tory party members would reinstate in No10 in a heartbeat given half a chance.

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Actually, there were plenty of traditional Labour voters who held their noses and voted for him as pretty much the only politician left standing prepared to enact Brexit.

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Indeed he was, sadly one who did so without any conviction of his own, merely as a mechanism to gain power… such a lack of any integrity and he is still the fucking lying cunt Mail andExpress readers would vote for again…

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Looking forward to Starmer in charge?

You can only vote for whats in front of you. Do I think Starmer is right for Labour and has the balls to what is right as opposed what he thinks will win? No.
Would I prefer him than more of these fucking fascist, narcissistic, Tory twats, YES

Tories are counting on Labour voters abstaining to close the gap, as they know there are many who will vote, but never admit to, voting Tory as well… making it alot closer than the polls suggest… you get what you dont vote for as well…

The Tories only hope is the Labour go all spursy and descend into a bitter civil war between the centre left and the socialist left - both factions despise each other

Dinosaurs vs sell outs

The trouble is that I think the Tories might beat them to it

I don’t think there’s any great discrepancy between the polls and what’s going to happen on election day myself. The tories have gone to some lengths to alienate their core vote, I think it will be a landslide.

Not sure what this inquiry is going to prove at the end of the day (putting aside the parties)

Some decisions turned out right, some turned out wrong. The ones they think were right, others will think that they were wrong and vice versa.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but not one of these lawyers has ever been placed in a position where the decision you make is going to harm a big section of society in some way or form. Basically it’s the least shitty decision based upon the facts and media pressure that you had at that time.

The representative groups are not that much more helpful - they, by their very nature, will not accept that their group got shat on for the benefit of another group for any reason.

As for trying to set out what to do in the future - that’s a load of bollocks. The next one will be different, and the same arguments will rage. Which group deserves to be less fucked over than another.

Bill Gates summed it up well at the very start of the pandemic - no one is going to come out of this with an A grade


Absolutely this :+1:

But as we thought at the time, we were led by donkeys. The chances of coherent thinking were drastically reduced.


A long read


That boy has some serious beef

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Sign up agency deals with PPE Suppliers…
A new one inbound!

BBC News - China: WHO seeks data on ‘pneumonia clusters’ in children

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Now what have they been eating / fucking about with?