:covid_19: 😷 🏥 Corona Virus the thread for all your fears ❓

At @Polski_Filip request a thread for the Corona virus.
What are your fears? Concerns?

My first one is will I be going back to work in 10 days times? As travel in Asia is being curtailed.

My company had already evacuated people from our sites in China. They had 14 day self isolation in Europe before being allocated jobs at our European sites.
Unexplicably 1 colleague got sent back to China and is now in lockdown in his hotel for 14 days before they fly him back out again.
Strange is the fact in why he did not query flying back to China?

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Looking on the bright side, it’s a fantastic excuse to get out of any jobs you really don’t fancy taking on :+1: :+1:

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14 days is not enough.

I think the horse has bolted on this one. I expect the number of cases to sky rocket, particularly in America and India. Without stopping all air travel there is no way to contain it. Fortunately it doesn’t have the kill rate of something like Ebola otherwise we would be in deep shit. Fully expect millions of cases of infection before a vaccine is produced. Luckily it’s only the sick and elderly who will be culled.

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That was the guideline given by the medical profession when they were repatriated, it may have changed now but the guy in China has been there a week and has 2 to go so 3 weeks in total.

You have not been keeping up, Trump has the coronavirus under control in America, he said so


I’ve just checked my Bitdefender and it says I’m still fully protected.

Thanks for your sympathetic reading on the situation Goatee, I hear barbed wire enclosures with watch-towers are being prepared for our arrival.

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Share prices taking a battering. If you’ve got a few quid, don’t spaff it down the Rhino, wait until the bounceback occurs and buy some cheap stock. Unless we all kark it of course when the fucker mutates with Nob Rot / Ebola / Athletes Foot.

It will spread like wildfire now. I will use it as a great excuse to not travel anywhere and hole up at home for 3 weeks doing fuck all working of course, at the first sign of a cough. Big trip to the offie after work today to get 3 weeks worth of booze.

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It is gonna hurt in all sorts of places. We are a gig economy company relying on tourists. No tourists no income. No social security. We are fvcked

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Basic maths.
Mortality rate currently about 2%. 60 million Brits.
1.2 million potential deaths.
I know there are many variables but


That’s bad. Potentially harsh time ahead for a lot of businesses. If we have to close our sites because of it, we’ll be royally screwed too.

Your oil prices will be going up as crews will not be able to get to offshore platforms or they will have limited output due to manning levels.

Americans with no health insurance will be fucked. 3 thousand dollars just to get tested. Also no sick pay menans they’ll be much more efficient at spreading it.

So anyone wondering about how it will spread in the UK?

So she used planes trains and automobiles to get there from whatever conference she was in.
How green is she?

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Don’t (many) thousands of brits already die each year because of the effects of flu?

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14,000 or so in 2008.

This flu is no more scary than normal flu - in my opinion - apart from it seems to spread quicker.

Normal flu kills between 250k and 500k people around the world every year according to the WHO


" If they sound extremely similar, that’s because they are, according to Manisha Juthani, MD, a Yale Medicine infectious disease specialist. “Based on symptoms alone, COVID-19 and flu are very difficult to distinguish,” says Dr. Juthani."

"So overall, which is worse: coronavirus or flu?

That’s not really an easy question to answer, says Dr. Brown. "It depends on what you mean by worse,” he says. “More easily spread? Then it appears to be coronavirus. Causes more cases of serious illness. Then it’s flu.”

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What also needs to be taken into account is where the deaths have taken place - I was speaking to someone the other day and due to the high vaccination rate and use of antibiotics, the Chinese don’t build up very good immune systems, which means when someone fucks a bat and gets some weird ass disease, their bodies don’t have the strength to fight it off.