Bojo has another moment. There are posts, memes and realities to post.
So. Here you go.

A starter. Here in Poland 50% of the population live in the villages.
Many inmulti- generational homes.
They burn coal for heating in Winter.
The villages have Gas.
But to convert costs on average 3 months salary.
Has costs 25% more than coal.
Whatever CopOut decides, WHY would we put ourselves in debt to meet a target big corporations can ignore?.
And further East from her those numbers get worse.
The West outsource because Capitalism needs growth - through expansion or lower costs.
Lower cost means lower income Nations need lower salaries.
Heat Pumps? Het real, we can’t afford Gas

The whole thing is a massive virtual signal session

India have promised to sort themselves out by 2070

China couldn’t even be arsed to turn up

Sleepy Joe promised lots but he won’t be around to see thanksgiving let alone any tangible progress

All you smug cunts living on hills- you better buy big guns cos we are coming

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We live on a hill.
I can rent space.
Bring a Tent.
I have Vodka

Farcical but not unexpected

There’s going to be loads more of this stuff.

Smug :+1:

Man traps etc set :wink:

So. Fly in by private jet but venue asks you to attend online

Several hundred private jets, two cruise ships burning their engines as spill over accommodation, sleepy Joe getting about in a 22 car motorcade but it’s my trip to Malaga that’s the problem


Joe Biden paid a heavy price for not asking RAF Luton to operate HMS Sinky’s Stealth mode for his attempted “secret” departure from Glasgow via the Fourth Road Bridge

Photographed from a Canberra