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If only Lewis Hamilton had this sort of personality… down to earth, a bit mad, but just herself… as opposed to being a posey whinging twat…

Don’t get the Lewis hatred - he is a bit up himself but he is the best driver of his generation if not of all time


Hes good but not that good I would be better but never got the chance :grin:

He is very good, very fast etc, but he has never taken a risk in joining an underperforming team to bring it success through helping with the development of the car… as Schumacher did when he went to Ferrari - after all Maclean’s did for him as a kid, as soon as the car was no longer competitive he was off… so the Jury is still out on wether he has that ability (which in many folks eyes is the difference between good and great)

As to the hatred, it’s more his stroppy teenage attitude when things don’t go his way, he’s just not that personable . Team seem to mollycoddle him like the spoilt kid he is… he got that Maclaren support way too early so he was spoilt in that way…

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Schumacher went to a team with a massive budget - F1 gave them a bonus just for being Ferrari

And tbf to Lewis Mercedes were not all that when he joined

As to character flaws - show me an F1 driver without one

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True they all have them, but if he stands out amongst them on those terms it’s not a good thing… and I don’t follow any driver by the way, was quite into it between around 1977-1990, but it seemed to lose the big characters then shift from a bunch of nutters /playboys to the more formulaic miserable obsessed clones … and it used to be fun seeing what new tech the teams would introduce from to give them advantages before being banned… now the rules are so tight it in effect bans much before it sees the light of day…

I watched a documentary about the young lad who lost both of his legs in a crash, i forget his name. Lewis Hamilton took a lot of time to encourage him and spent a lot of time with him when he was in recovery. Came across as a decent and caring person. The lad’s parents couldn’t speak highly enough of him.

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From what I have seen of Hamilton he is no worse or better than any overpaid sports star. I still think I could drive better than him but there you go.

It is SUCH a sad & British thing.
Create sporting heroes, then belittle them, then mourn them when they are gone, become Paul Gascoigne.
Hamilton is an F1 great in an era when only a few can or bother to watch. Britain should be proud of him and accept his personality as with so many heroes makes him what he is, a genius.
So sad Brits would prefer him to be “normal” like that swivel-eyed loon Brexit bitch on Question Time/Twitter

Is it just me, or is F1 about as thrilling as watching a piece of fruit rot?


Sorry, its fuck all to do with a British thing… that is making assumptions about my ‘dislike’ of Hamilton, It is simply because of his attitude displayed on more than one occasion. If I am guilty of anything, its that I don’t simply believe he should be considered a great human being just because he is a great driver. He has done a fair amount for various good causes, and the time he spent with Billy Monger is applauded, but in context its not like he is Mother Theresa… Most Sportsmen do charitable stuff… most prem footballers do, but its a bit easier for Millionaires who dont works 60 hours a week to give time and and money to good causes… its all good they do, and I am not trying to be heavily cynical, just putting it in context.

…also, If the British thing is about creating heroes and then belittling them… Hamilton was never my ‘hero’ - Thought he was a twat his first year at Maclaren…

Has he ever asked to be lauded like Mother Theresa? Who was far from a Saint by the way, anything but. Lewis Hamilton is probably a far better human being than she was. Look it up.l

its an expression…

You must really really hate Vettel then?
His attitude to everyone in the sport is appalling and his sulking strops are in league of their own.
If you want to say someone only done it because of the car, he’s by far the most obvious choice.

Hamilton beat a double world champion team mate in his rookie year, then kept winning in a McLaren that had no right to win. He won his first world title despite Ferrari being a better car. He also reintroduced over taking, as they had settled into the “can’t over take because of the dirty air” routine until he started embarrassing them, about 70% of over takes at one point we’re his(1st or 2nd season).
He left because it was obvious the team was falling apart and were favouring Button which was madness. He’s then gone on to help develop the most successful team whilst consistently cleaning up on track.
He’s quite possibly the best ever and is the best of his era by a country mile. If you follow the sport, enjoy his talent while it’s still here.

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I dislike them all… they are all petulant twats. As I said, I started following the sport when the likes of James Hunt would smoke on the grid and shag (at least 3 birds) at a party the night before a race … driving the cars that were were equally as fast but at much higher risk without all the team tactics and strategies etc…

I am glad it’s much much safer, but there are no personalities left. Just these bland self obsessed automatons and posers.

Except Hamilton & Vettel…


And Raikonnen.

Saying that Hamilton was being a bit twatish on the radio this weekend but then I suppose his team did fuck up his race strategy (again!!). I guess he might think they’re doing him over like they did when they engineered Rosberg winning the title :slight_smile: (contentious!!)

But back to the OP all the best to her, her crash was frightening at the time and she was lucky the TV tower was there otherwise it would have been goodnight!!

I just hope she can get the chance in F1 which seems to be more about getting drivers in to pay for the seat in the “lower” teams.

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Mother Theresa was a cruel fucker if ever there was one.

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They wouldn’t get a seat if they didn’t play along with the corporate lot. That’s who’s to blame, here and just about everywhere.
Hamilton is a big star in the modern way. We’re just to old to get how it’s done now. It’s all Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter(or whatever is trendy this week).
Best to leave them to it.

Ah, but are you Team Colleen or Team Rebekah Sos, that is the burning question. Come on now, don’t be shy!

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