Coming soon...The Sotonians' World Cup Sweepstake

That’s right…

…it’s the best way to enjoy the world cup and avoid the stories of Russian citizens and police beating up our brave few whilst having a bit of banter with some largely left of centre, Saints supporting internet losers - whilst raising money for our favourite charidee.

£5 entry, 32 teams picked at random, winner gets half the pot, the other half goes to the poorly children.

I will provide special badges, once we move to the new Discourse forum, for all competitors.

If you’re in, reply to sign up below.

More details to follow…

1 - PAID - @saintbletch

2 - PAID - @btripz

3 - PAID - @philippinesaint

4 - PAID - @cobham-saint

5 - @tokyo-saint

6 - PAID - @goatboy

7 - PAID - @fowllyd

8 - PAID - @lifeintheslowlane

9 - PAID - @saint-or-sinner

10 - PAID - @dubai_phil

11 - @cellone

12 - @prickly

13 - PAID - @saint-rob

14 - @pap

15 - @saintbristol

16 - PAID - @simplysaint

17 - PAID - @gavstar

18 - PAID - @bathsaint

19 - PAID - @fatso

20 - PAID - @saint-cd

21 - PAID - @dinger

22 - PAID - @lets-b-drinking

23 - PAID - @jxgrsaint

24 - PAID - @so5-4bw

25 - PAID - @rallyboy

26 - PAID - @bucks

27 - PAID - @tigger

28 - @numptyboi

29 - @krg_

30 - @llwybr-cyhoeddus

31 - @saint-or-sinner

32 - @btripz

How to pay

To pay, either PM @goatboy to make a bank transfer - or if you have PayPal send your £5 to

You will get a receipt from Lilyaimee’s Bargain Store.

Who is there?

Who is in which group?

Group A : Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay

Group B : Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran

Group C : France, Australia, Peru, Denmark

Group D : Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria

Group E : Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

Group F : Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

Group G : Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England

Group H : Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

What are the rankings?

I’m in


I’m in, x31 and even then I still won’t win…


I’m not a lawyer, but I think that constitutes a contract.

Nice one, @btripz !


I’m in but I dont want an asian team

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Sorry, @philippinesaint but @btripz has committed to spending £155 to buy the remaining slots to help the lickle children.

I’ll see if he’ll free up one of the slots for you.

Wouldn’t it be weird if Iran came out of the hat at ‘random’?

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Cobham - in.

Send winnings immediately

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hello is that Vegas? Yes? OK £5 on black!


Oh ffs ok.

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I’m in. If I get England I’m going to slap someone.

Is this code for you want Nigeria?

I too am in.

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I’M IN…an old hand at this having won a shit-load when Foinavon won the '67 Grand National. Paid half a crown and won £3- 15s -11d plus my half a crown stake back.


If you get England, it will be the work of a short program written in Python.

So he won’t be getting England then…

50% to charity?

That’s a better deal than i get from the bookies.

I’m in.

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May have fun getting PayPal running but will find a way to pay up

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Yeah fk it why not

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We’ll add it to your bill.


I’m in. Who do I post a fiver too?

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Me please.

Cash for preference thanks