Collecting Southampton stuff


Does anyone else on here collect pin badges. I was really happy when I received my Sotonians pin badge, but then I went to have a look at my collection and I have 48 pin badges of Southampton! This made me feel a little geeky but some of them are really good, some not so.

Do any of you collect anything else Southampton. I used to also collect replica shirts and programs, along with football scarves in general, but not half and half. :wink:


So no one collects Saints stuff? Just me? I need a long hard look in the mirror, I do.


I have a lot of books on Southampton…maps too. My dad used to teach the Blue Badge Guides about the history of Southampton so I’ve inherited his collection.


Yes, that’s another thing, I have a lot of past and present books on Southampton, if you had not noticed. Hmm.


Also just bought some more pin badges from eBay and they came with a note saying, ‘Hi Kev, next time order from the website to save on eBay fees, from GOAT’. I never even knew I was ordering from him! Ha ha ha. Will do, best check out your website.

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The nearest I’ve got to collecting is kit. My uncle bought me my first in the '95-'96 season and I’ve procured every home shirt since (apart from the 2003 UEFA Cup shirt, which I roughly ought to get), with roughly half of the away ones.

JJB Sports in Basingstoke used to be an absolute goldmine for cheap Saints kit. Anybody remember the ecru third kit we had in the 90s? Picked that up dirt cheap; don’t think the first team ever wore it.

My younger brother and I also got a load of '97-'99 goalkeeper kit in there. Most memorably worn by Paul Jones. I only had the blue shirt and shorts, but he had the full set of both the blue and the orange version. The amount of padding in the arms and thighs was ridiculous!

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