Colin Vearncombe (Black) RIP


Yes very sad…just 53. RIP.

I put this on the “What Are You Listening To” thread a few minutes ago…

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Sad news - a great talent.


Just talking about the Wonderful Life song the other day.

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Great use of Steel Drums in that song, was only listening to it yesterday :lou_sad:

I had no idea who this guy was until they played Wonderful Life on the radio. RIP dude.

I bought the album “Wonderful Life” back in 1987…I loved it then, I still do…hugely underrated crooner.

Very much of its time but none the worse for it…

Shame. I had this album on cassette and listened to it a lot, albeit it was a bit soppy. It was certainly a bit of rare pop quality, but I don’t recall many people liking anything or knowing anything on it other than “It’s a wonderful Life”

Ironically I sold the album and 100 other cassettes for $20 this very day, couldn’t have even played it in tribute anyway - no cassette player of course.

Just for you. :lou_wink_2:

Not sure that is the full album as it only lists 10 tracks…the original has 15.

RIP to another performer from our era.

Not going to shed any tears though as I really hated that song and the dreary bleakness of his way of singing.