Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance


Is this a thing many one here and elsewhere have suffered for years and are in total denial about what is happening and and has happened to our club, are people so far from reality they can not see we have been fucked over and the players couldn’t give a fuck?




It’s getting like SteveWeb on here and all paths lead to Baz. Must admit it’s getting a bit tiresome.




Soft fuckers then wanting an echo chamber. They were too late to the party in saying we were shite and were sold out now they want to deny the ones who were correct all along, class acts.


Don’t repsond then.


Haha…he wasn’t talking to you. He was talking to everyone else. :lou_lol:


@barry-sanchez , without blowing our collective trumpet too much, we are not dim folk.

We can read a league table.

Call me an insensitive twat if you must, but I’ve zero sympathy for your frequently expressed angst. You don’t know pain, y’little bollix. You sit here crying each week acting as if you’re the only person capable of comprehending our precarious position or the possibility that there might be something rotten at the club.

Muggins here does a 500 mile round trip to watch this shit, at great time and expense. Those eight minutes were painful. From lack of concentration to complete capitulation. I know you probably cried into your prawn sandwich too, but we fuckers had to endure the taunts of the Chelsea lot.

So give it a fucking rest, skip. You think you know pain, but you’re miles away, watching it on a screen, so it’s already less acute. We’re in the operating theatre seeing our team get carved up, up close and personal, with no anaesthetic, and we’re not screaming quite so loudly, or in such agony.

Man up you little fucking snowflake. Saints will still exist even if they’re not on Match of the Day.


At Pap’s feet we kneel … :metal:

Bravo and well said. We’re also in the “fucking miles” camp living in Norfolk but there’s something that keeps us coming back. Until it’s mathematically impossible, it’s possible. COYR


Dear Barry.

Cheer up. Les shot his bolt by stamping his feet and refusing to support the sacking of MoPe. He is gone.

Gao’s investment is now worth 65% of what he paid for it so Barry the Briefcase’s mates are circling as is NC to raise us back from the dead.

It will be much more fun.

Chill and enjoy Europa League football as a Championship side like the rest of ud


Pap, I can tell you’re new to watching Saints, its a middle aged thing son with the kids all grown up, mine haven’t hence why I can’t really go, I did go however for 10 years and missing only a couple of home and aways in 3 seasons when we were always shite yet had fight and a soul. Saints will exist and I’ll always love them, it doesn’t make me dislike the fanny players or the board.

I couldn’t give a fuck were we play but I could give a fuck to how we play, the players this season for their standard have been a fucking disgrace and they’re not fit to wear the shirt, they aren’t, they’re embarrassing.


The Championship doesn’t bother me, the slow death and lies continuing in that League will be the true pain and many of ours fans actually believing it whilst they’re taking one up the durry.



Too late to the party? You and Dalek standing in the kitchen crying into your beers saying “if only they had listened to us” over and over again? That’s one party I’m glad I missed.


I’d rather listen to realists than the bellends spouting aboutus competing against the top tier teams.


Exactly. No one here talks about us competing against the top tier teams and I would say that everyone here has understood from early on that we were going to be struggling this season, so why keep on at us? If you want to make a difference perhaps you should direct your weekly frustrations at Les and Ralph?


Lol at Bazza coming across a new term and using it without really understanding it. I would say that your rants of impotent frustration on this forum would suggest that you, my friend, are the one exhibiting all the signs of cognitive dissonance.