Cobblers to you

Cobblers to you


A couple of years ago I got fed up with work shoes lasting a short time and generally looking a bit cheap, which to be fair they were. So I treated myself to a pair of loakes which were at least twice what I had previously paid. Any way after 3 weeks of excruciating breaking in, they are far and away the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I am now firmly in the camp of spending more up front saves you in the long run.

So I am now in the market for another pair and I am wondering what other brands are Out there. Any recommendation? Btw Church’s are out - £500 a pair??? Even the Ayatollah might pause for a second or two when present3d with that price tag.


I wear crocs. They look great, are comfy and I’m always getting compliments from people. Not sure cost new as I got mine of some chap on eBay.




DeWalt :lou_wink_2:


Barkers. Similar price to Loakes, but comfortable from day one.


Reiker - Light, good quality at a good price.


Go bespoke - you’ll be able to hand them down to your kids.


Do people still wear shoes in this day and age?


I know what you mean. It started with ties. People stopped wearing ties. Course, if you’re not wearing a tie, why bother with a Suit. And if you’re not wearing a suit, what is the purpose of Proper Shiny Shoes? I’m wearing fkn converse today.


I haven’t worn shoes since the last funeral I went to, and even then at least 50% of the blokes were wearing trainers with their suits (not like white Adidas or neon Nike’s, mind, but still trainers).


Even I wouldn’t wear trainers with a fkn suit! It’s not right. The good thing about dressing for occassions, as a bro, is you only ever really have to decide where to pitch urself on the smart/casual sliding scale. You do have to pitch somewhere tho! One or the other! It’s not fkn mix & match.


I just can’t wear trainers if I’m going out.

Smart shoes with trousers/jeans, deck shoes with shorts.

Trainers are for gyms and indoor sport.


Old farts wearing smart shoes/deck shoes is the reason the kids are wearing trainers. They don’t want to be like you/us. If we wear trainers, they will be left with no alternative but to go to Clarkes and get measured up. I am claiming trainers for everyone over 30! Don’t you spoil it for us Bob.


Deck shoes are for boats.


Dumb Goat, boats don’t wear shoes!


What you’ve got there Bob is a pair of dick shoes.


Dumb Goat, dicks don’t wear… oh hang on, they do!


That must have come from a well seriously “specialist” website @tokyo-saint

How did you find it?

Asking for a friend like…


Only so I don’t get that horrible smelly squelchy feeling between my toes when I accidentally tread in dog shit.


just the obvious