Anyone seen one of these cunts?

Or is anyone admitting to being one of these cunts?

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I am a cunt but not one of those cunts.

I saw one at Nightwood Leisure Centre last Monday (where I currently ply my veteran football trade).

I was walking up to the pitch and by the gate was a cunt dressed as a clown.

My reaction quite surprised me.

I am quite the pacifist but I readied myself to punch it. Seriously.

I also felt justified and given that it was anonymous, I also felt I could get away with it.


Anyway, as I got closer a 15 year old girl came up to me and said "Don’t worry about the clown she won’t hurt you. She’s doing it to scare a friend "

Dodged one there.

Still surprised by my reaction.


It’s just a craze that’ll be over in a few weeks once the media gets bored and moves on to the next shocking interweb inspired"big story"

Still think the UK copycats are twats though tbf


I read that instead of punching them you should just go straight for the juggler.


To be fair that should have been an immediate down vote…

If only there was some countering force.


Apparently someone did dress up as Batman and deck one the other day, well according to a clickbait I saw pointing to the Express anyway.

The kids at my son’s school have been told they’ll be put in to detention if they talk about killer clowns, I think the school should be taking the opposite stance and openly discussing it and allaying the kids’ fears.

Heard on the news this morning that there has been something like 150+ calls to childline over kids worried about the clowns.

tbh it’s a shame there hasn’t been any clown sightings in our area.

The local youth seem a bit restless since the Pokeman thing quietened down and beating up a clown would be the perfect tonic

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Dressing up as a clown? Its no laughing matter.



:lou_lol: loyally upvoted because I like you

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Especially since it’s posted in various places about a million times. #notoriginal

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A mate of mine has a clown phobia. Not spoken to him recently but I suspect he is probably hiding in the attic. They do look pretty creepy outside of the circus. As for Phil’s joke, it was the first time I have seen it but I did laugh when I read it and shall be shamelessly stealing it for the next few days!

But thats the whole point of a corney joke … repetition repetition repetition

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I blame Judy Collins.

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Originally posted by @Nottarf-Krap

I blame Judy Collins.

tbh I think Leo Sayer must share some of the blame


Clown stabs someone in Sweden and 2 other “clowns” threaten to kill a woman.

Beware the wrath of Fudgie !!!

Non Creepy Clowns unhappy

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Bearsy likes to keep up with the latest trends


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