Clothing and fashions

Following my attempts to address the thorny subject of coiffure, my attention has now been diverted to the world of fashion.

For starters, here’s a couple of ZZ tops.



Oh, ffs :man_facepalming:


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Sorry mate. I saw them when I was shopping with the bird, and couldn’t resist :grin:

Did you buy both of them, or just the one? And, if the latter, which one?

I wanted the pink one, but they didn’t have my size. :cry:

Sooo…it was the green then.
Socks and sandals?

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Love it.

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Saw them at Glasto.
As boring as the T Shirts

What, Socks & Sandals?


Saw them at the O2 on their 50th Anniversary tour, and they were superb.

A fine name for a band.

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Musically yes, but stage presence wise was just wooden no banter, nothing

I see them as a bearded pipe smoking folk duo.


You saw the wrong ones then, you were after ZZ Bantz. :+1::sunglasses:

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